autism reality

Autism Reality

critically acclaimed documentary film about autism by an autistic film director. autism reality is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue. thank you Dr. Temple Grandin! dont press play unless you have 10 minutes to spare (youll want to watch the whole thing)

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17 thoughts on “autism reality

  1. I’m a father of two sons with autism. Thanks so much Alex for sharing your story!

  2. 8:22 "it is not a bad thing or a good thing" So it’s like being LGBT, it’s a difference.

  3. @9SuperMonkeyBall0 Austism is known as a spectrum due to it being so different with each person, Aspergers comes under this spectrum, but it is a less "severe" part of the spectrum as people with aspergers often have average/high intelligance as well as more ‘normal’ communication skills 🙂

  4. @StormingSheep do not make fun of asbergers or any austism syndromes that just isn’t right

  5. I have aspergers syndrome, add me and watch my aspergers video.. Would like to know other aspires out there., sadly, I don’t know any

  6. I think people should not regret having autism/aspergers. Being different is a gift. People should like someone for what he/she is. Society is so mean, superficial, cruel.I’m not saying everone is like that, but most of them. Poeple with autism see the world in a different beautiful way and they should be proud for their individuallity.I’m sure most of them are.

  7. More people are on the autism spectrum than one might think. There are quite a few people out there who have lived w/it their whole lives and still don’t know they got it.. They don’t have a "name" for it. It’s kind of like me.. I lived with OCD and tourettes tics for 25 years before I actually discovered that I wasn’t the only one like that and that there was a name for the bizarre behavior. People with autism just "think" completely differently than people w/out it.

  8. @tasneefm The "transcribe audio" feature uses computer-generated speech recognition technology, which is different from and not as accurate as the human-operated technology that provides pre-recorded captions for television programs. (I asked some time ago for the captions for this video to be improved by importing an accurate transcript of the video which another person already created. YouTube provides the ability to synchronize the written words with the spoken words in the video.)

  9. I just chose "transcribe audio" it gave transcriptions almost completely different of the audio and even changing the meaning of what is being said into something incoherent.. Why is this?

  10. @TheDukeofMania How do you know who I am and what I’m going to do in the future? Who are you?

  11. @IAmFromAfghanistan

    Thousands of viewers can see how you’re acting right now. At least I won’t regret my comments a few years later. 🙂

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