Symptoms in childhood:

Many symptoms are shown by a child from 6 months onwards to about 3 years of age. These early symptoms are used to diagnose the disorder and take steps to manage this disease. However, it can be a bit difficult to identify the early signs and rectify them. That is why, parents get worried when their child doesn’t respond to the basic games such as peek-a-boo or doesn’t start talking. At times, children do not even try to speak which is the first alarm bell that rings up. However, sometimes kids start to talk and behave like other kids of their age but then forgo their learned skills and their condition starts to deteriorate. The hearing of a child can also be compromised in this process. However, it may seem strange to the parents that autistic children do not respond when being called but sometimes hear distant sounds.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help children in improving their communication skills with each other as they grow up. The myths about autistic children are now being forgone as the researchers have developed new methodologies for the development and learning of autistic children. That is why, very few of them are now isolated or live alone in their own world.

During the teen years, an autistic child grows a lot and there is a major change in his behavior. However, it is still difficult for them to relate to each other. Changes brought about by puberty and sexuality can be difficult to handle by autistic children. Therefore, they have more risk of having epileptic attacks, anxiety and depression.

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