Aspergers criteria:

A.    Having Marked (Qualitative) lacking of social interaction which should include at least two of the following points:

a.       Increased reduction in using nonverbal form of communication such as facial expression, postures, gestures and eye to eye contact.

b.      Lack of having peer relationships which are according to the developmental levels of others.

c.       No inherent need for sharing entertainment or enjoyment with others, talking about interests or achievements. This is also marked by not showing points of interest and not sharing things.

d.      No emotional or social reciprocity.

B.     Repetitive or restricted types of behavior patterns, activities or interests which have one of the following elements:

a.       Being preoccupied with a repetitive, restricted or stereotyped pattern which either has an intense focus or abnormality.

b.      Not being able to adhere to the non functional routines, rituals or some specific ones.

c.       Having repetitive or stereotypical motor functions such as flapping or twisting hands or fingers.

d.      Being preoccupied continuously with the parts of some particular objects.

C.   Trouble causes clinically important impairment in occupational, social or other areas of regular functioning.

D.   No important significant delay in language which is using single years at 2 years of age and double words or phrases by 3 years.

E.   They should also not show any important delay in their cognitive development or in the age related skills which include self-helping, adaptive behavior or having curiosity related to the environment.

F.   This criteria mentioned here is not met for other PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Schizophrenia.

After diagnosing and differentiating the disorder on the ASD spectrum, one can use different treatment modalities which are mentioned as under. These treatment modalities not only help one to identify and combat the disorder, but also make one independent and free from this disorder. Currently many researches are being conducted to further develop these treatment modalities. 

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