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Autism conferences in 2024 By state and dates

This 2024 overview lists notable autism conferences throughout the United States, featuring events for professionals, caregivers, and individuals with autism. Key gatherings include the APBA Convention in Louisiana, Autism Investor Summit in California, and ABAI Convention in Pennsylvania. Dates, venues, and links are provided, with themes focusing on best practices, research, and community support.

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The Top Worst Jobs for Autistic Adults

Autistic adults often struggle in jobs with demanding social interaction, inflexibility, sensory overload, and unclear expectations. Examples include customer service, food service, retail, teaching, nursing, call centers, open offices, and metric-driven roles. However, with appropriate accommodations and work environments that cater to their strengths, such as attention to detail and focus, autistic adults can thrive in positions like accounting, data analysis, and technical writing. It’s essential to choose workplaces that understand and support their unique needs for a rewarding career.


Was Tyre Nichols autistic?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any publicly available information specifically addressing whether Tyre Nichols was autistic. I can’t make a definitive statement or provide meaningful insight without substantial details or evidence. It’s important...