Autism criteria

Autism criteria:

A. There are six or more points from the points 1,2 and 3 in which two should be from point 1 and one each should be from point 2 and 3.

  • Marked (Qualitative) lacking of social interaction which should include at least two of the following points:

a.       Increased reduction in using nonverbal form of communication such as facial expression, postures, gestures and eye to eye contact.

b.      Lack of having peer relationships which are according to the developmental levels of others.

c.       No inherent need for sharing entertainment or enjoyment with others, talking about interests or achievements. This is also marked by not showing points of interest and not sharing things.

d.      No emotional or social reciprocity.

  • Marked impairment in communication which is shown by at least one of the following factors:

a.       Lack of or a delay in the spoken language of a person which is also accompanied by no alternative need for communication which includes non verbal communication methods.

b.      Huge impairment in the ability to maintain conversation with others and having enough speaking capacity.

c.       Repetitive use of idiosyncratic language or stereotyped language.

d.      Lacking either social or emotional reciprocity.

  • Repetitive or restricted types of behavior patterns, activities or interests which have one of the following elements:

a.       Being preoccupied with a repetitive, restricted or stereotyped pattern which either has an intense focus or abnormality.

b.      Not being able to adhere to the non functional routines, rituals or some specific ones.

c.       Having repetitive or stereotypical motor functions such as flapping or twisting hands or fingers.

d.      Being preoccupied continuously with the parts of some particular objects.

  • Abnormal function or delay in one of the following areas from prior to 3 years of age. These areas include: social interaction, symbolic or make-believe games and language which is used to communicate socially.

The above mentioned problems are Autistic only if they are not accounted or noted for Rhett’s Disorder or Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. 

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