Treatment for Autistic Children: A Parent-Focused Approach

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It can be challenging for parents to know how to best support their child with autism, but some principles can help guide their approach to treatment.

  1. Parent-Run: Parents are a child’s best resource and advocate. They know their child better than anyone else and want the best for them. As a result, they are often the most motivated and helpful force in their child’s treatment. By actively participating in their child’s therapy, parents can also help to apply the techniques at home, making the therapy more consistent and enjoyable for both parents and children.
  2. Son-Rise Playroom: One key aspect of treatment for children with autism is to create a space where they can learn effectively and quickly without distractions. Parents can be taught to create a playroom at home that keeps their child engaged in healthy activities. This can help make it easier for the child to acquire the targeted knowledge.
  3. Motivation: Another important principle of treatment for children with autism is to find out what motivates them. Parents can be taught to identify and use their child’s motivational factors to encourage them and help them gain interest in new things. Once children with autism find the right source of motivation, they can grow and develop limitlessly.
  4. Joining: One of the biggest challenges for children with autism is interacting socially with other kids. Feeling overwhelmed, they may use self-stimulating behaviors to calm themselves and organize their sensory system. In these situations, it can be helpful for parents to “join” their child in activities that they find interesting. By getting on the child’s level and positively engaging with them, parents can help their child come out of their isolated state and interact happily with others. This can then open up opportunities for teaching them new skills and knowledge.
  5. Attitude: It’s normal for parents of children with autism to feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. This is why many treatment programs also focus on supporting and inspiring parents, helping them to feel more comfortable and capable of providing the best care for their child. By improving the well-being of the whole family, these programs can enhance the life of the child with autism as well.