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Boy with Autism became potty trained in 2 weeks, follows directions says words.

The specialized education summer program observed enhanced student interactions and learning, including notable progress like sentence formation and object identification. Parenting in special education has challenges and misconceptions, but the program demonstrates the importance of effort and persistence. Despite skepticism, results show effectiveness, suggesting these programs as valuable investments towards significant breakthroughs in child development. Continue reading

What is Stimming? 0

What is Stimming?

Stimming, short for self-stimulatory behavior, is a repetitive behavior that people with autism may do to help regulate their emotions and sensory input. Stimming can be anything from rocking back and forth, flapping their...

Am I Autistic? 0

Am I Autistic?

I’m Saar, and I’m 17 years old. I’m not like other kids my age. I don’t like to go to parties or hang out with friends. Instead, I’d rather stay home and read or...


Embracing Autism: A Glimpse into Our Daily Struggles and the Power of Resilience

In the previous posts of our Embracing Autism series, I have shared various aspects of our journey, including creating a structured environment and building a supportive network. Today, I’d like to share some of the daily struggles Saar and I face naturally and honestly. By giving you a glimpse into our lives, you will better understand the challenges we face and recognize the resilience and strength that helps us persevere. Continue reading