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How to Find an Autism Therapist for Your Child in New York

Finding the right autism therapist in New York for your child involves understanding their unique needs, gathering recommendations, and researching credentials and therapists online. Consider therapy types ideal for your child and conduct interviews to ensure compatibility and therapist expertise. Also, consider logistics like location and cost. Trust your instincts to make the best choice for supportive care.

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Understanding the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS-2)

The Social Responsiveness Scale, Second Edition (SRS-2) is a comprehensive tool used for assessing autism spectrum symptoms across various age groups, from 2.5 years to adulthood. It identifies social impairments and measures responses to interventions through ratings on 65 items. The scale, utilized worldwide, allows for quantifying severity of social deficits and guiding treatment plans. It is not diagnostic on its own but is valuable when combined with other assessments. Ethical usage requires proper training and understanding of its limitations and strengths, particularly in cross-cultural contexts.


Broken Nights and Lost Days: Inside World of Severe Autism

On February 1, 2009, Jamie, who has a history of health issues, began showing new patterns of severe self-injury and seizures. Despite switching from Depakote to Lamictal and using Diazepam for seizure control, his behavior remained erratic, and his health deteriorated, losing 25 pounds. Medical investigations, including a CT scan and an endoscopy, were inconclusive. Years of various psychotropic medications were ineffective, and his tendency towards self-injury persisted despite restraints. His condition suggests a deeper medical issue that requires further investigation to uncover the underlying cause.

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Autism: What The Son-Rise Program® Means To Me – Autism Treatment Center of America

The Sun Rise Program offers a transformative approach for children with autism and their parents, emphasizing love, acceptance, and parental empowerment. Praised for its holistic and compassionate methodology, the program fosters development, social skills, and emotional well-being. Through shared experiences, it creates a supportive community, making profound impacts on family dynamics and individual growth.