Broken Nights and Lost Days: Inside World of Severe Autism

Autism Reality

Warning: Severe behaviors shown. 2009 footage of California family raising complex, yet HOPEFUL case of severe autism and self-injurious behaviors. Extremely challenging situation requiring specialized care and expertise. Few experts understand this kind of autism.

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23 thoughts on “Broken Nights and Lost Days: Inside World of Severe Autism

  1. @CDFoakley I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time as I was looking for people who were dealing with the same thing that I am with my son. I am amazed at your courage to deal with this everyday and you are honestly an inspiration for me to keep trying and pushing through the daily struggles I have with my autistic son. Thank you so much! Do you take part in any type of support group? I’d love to hear what kind of insight you have into this and any tips would be great:)

  2. @SuperMissblueeyes Effexor is actually a good drug but with autism and seizures it can lower seizure threshold. I considered re introducing effexor at lower dose if we couldn’t get self abuse lowered. However, nicotine patch has been the best bet so far…we’ll see.

  3. I am high functioning autistic. Sometimes I am like him, but not for long periods. Usally during high stress or abuse, but sometimes out of no where. My world shrinks and I tend to focus on things – staring- then hitting myself or other self abuse. Once in that state it is hard to pull out of, I have to let it go through the cycle.
    I don’t know about your son, but for me – drugs make everything worse.
    For me, I hear words, but they are not a direct route to my thinking mind.
    Bless your family

  4. I’m shocked at the behaviour of drs & nurses in some of your posts & that they’ve left you struggling for so long with no answers for Jamey’s physical pain. I’ve worked with people with autism, am studying for a degree in health & social care (I’m about to begin my 5th year), & I’m currently doing a course on autism. Have you tried anti-depressants like venlafaxine? The thing about that group of drugs is that they’re also great for anxiety. Just a thought, it may help until you get answers.

  5. Get police-issue handcuffs, and try this method watch?v=Gvyq8zJtdow

    I know it’s cruel but he won’t even be able to hurt his hands like that

  6. @prw3535 I’m sure McCarthy’s doctor is excellent and I agree with all that stuff, but it’s hard to relate to her case. Her son appears very different than my son, and others with severe autism, as far as the behavioral issues go. But yes, I agree, with a lot of what she says regarding alternative ways to treat autism, as conventional methods seem largely ineffective for many autistics.

  7. My 5yr old is a non-verbal Autistic, he is pretty happy kid, but when he is unhappy or frustrated he hits himself on the head, enough to then make himself cry. We try and work out what the cause of the unhappiness is which of course is hard, its kinda like when you have a baby, and have to guess based on what you know and you go is it hungry/tired/cold/hot/bored/thirsty/needs nappy changed? PECS has been a boon for us, giving him a language of sorts.

  8. okay, this might sound horrible, but i don’t mean it to be; maybe he would calm down with marijuana?

  9. i might know but its just a guess.. im only mildy autistic but maybe its becos he has oversensitive stimuli like me.. sometimes if i here a little noise or if soemthing is different its too much and i have to cover my ears cover my face and hit me self to block out the input. because itss like having a severe migraine inside ur head and it wont go away.. its horrible. the only way u make it go is by doing something eg rocking handflapping or sib. to block it out. just my opinoin.

  10. I know EXACTLY what she goes through. And until I seen this video I felt completely ALONE in this way of life. My son is 18 years old, does the self pain inflicting thing and yet some days he doesn’t. I have him on NO medications what so ever. I don’t believe in the long term use of them that they do any good, but more harm to their already ‘senstive’ systems. I do however give my son vitamin D3 which calms him down and helps him sleep many times, I also give him Calcium/Magnesium powder

  11. @prw3535 He was hitting himself way before we had him on Lamictal, but it’s good to rule out all possibilities in this neverending puzzle! I still think it’s all in the brain and gut….

  12. I agree with Dr. Krigsman, or Dr. Bock or Dr. K in LA, Jenny McCarthy’s biomed doctor. Biomed can help your son, you are right about his gut. You are right to be pissed for 17yrs of no answers. Biomed should give you some.

    ps, lamictal just was studied and linked with seeping folate from the brain, maybe that is why he is hitting his head?

  13. @MsBeth890 YES< YES. I agree. It seems many times our son has had his worst self injurious meltdowns, I can trace it back to impacted bowels or caregivers NOT feeding him what I’ve said to feed him and he gets constipated and sick. He’s not this skinny right now. We’ve got his weight up with power purrees. But I am in TOTAL agreement that there is something going on with bowels in many autistic people that is causing a lot of pain.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your videos! I have one question. Is he hitting himself because he wants to hurt himself or because he cannot help it?

  15. Have you tried medicinal marijuana?? if not check out and get in touch with Mieko, ASAP.

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