Autism Documentary – An Incurable Reality By Jarrod Allison

Autism Reality

This is a documentary I made about my little brother Noah who has Autism. This documentary was made for my year 12 media class, which received an A

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8 thoughts on “Autism Documentary – An Incurable Reality By Jarrod Allison

  1. An early intervention would be great for them.. Lucky are those country who supports well with these kind of needs… But for a country who never gets any support like ours, we are making our own effort (my family) for our son who had the same… God Bless those kids…

  2. This is such an incredible documentary. I babysit for a girl who has autism and I can relate to this a lot. Your family is amazing for how you have dealt with this. I really look up to you guys! Instead of looking at Autism being a disability more people should look at the abilities that these people do have. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this video!

  3. @jmonaro123456 Thanks Jeremy, yeah I wanted to make this video to have more people aware of Autism and what it actually involves, although it is a spectrum disorder, I’m sure many, like yourself can relate to the emotional hardships of what it involves. Ill give your book a search too 🙂 i would be very interested in reading it.

  4. Hi my name is jeremy and i am from australia .. i also suffer from autism and i know the effects of it.. its great that you have early intervention for your brother.. i was put aside as a child never diagnosed with it until three years ago.. i am now 28 years old.. i found everything difficult through life.. now i have the reason why.. i am also i writer my book is avaible on its called tear drops of reality.. but its amazing what you have done with this video..

  5. @AnaydenaPublishing There is no known cure at this present time, only early intervention programs to help them develop somewhat more normally.

  6. love you man <3
    and noah, (:

    always here if ya need me, and amazing video.
    should be on the news, every age and everyone would love it.

    <3 Alex

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