Suggestions for the best gift for 2 almost 3 years old with autism

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Some Hand Picked Recommendations I picked in facebook for gifts for 2 almost 3 years old with autism

  • If u go on amazon and type in sensory gifts it come up with loads of things as i have autistic kid to x
  • We got some fruits and vegetable sets from Melissa and Doug and some other puzzles with animals for sensory and also a mic from Dollar Tree and he began to vocalize along with Thomas the Tank Engine and STEM Tank Engine
  • It really depends on his or her preferences and abilities. If your child receives services, such as behavior therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy; they will usually have good ideas on what to get that can combine fun, preferences, abilities, and ways to increase skills.
  • Blocks. Wood blocks. Lower case letters to help build phonics recognition. NOTHING with noise. He may hate it or he may stim with it, either way, no bueno. I would focus on early literacy skills with the child. All children need those. Phonics, phonemic awareness, syllables, and sound blending. If you need sensory toys PLAYDOUGH works perfectly well for all kids on and off the spectrum.
  • Don’t overthink it. All kids need sensory toys it helps learning. All kids need early reading skills.
  • At that age my sons favorite toys were his alphabets and numberbots. They were these toys that transfigured into robots. They were great on getting him to learn his alphabet and numbers. We even used them to help him learn & spell sight words. He’s 10 now and they are still in his room lol
alphabets and numberbots
  • My son at time was 2 LOVED to spell, do his shapes A-Z, 1-100, and anything rainbow like the bag full of plastic balls of different color and the stacking toy big to small. Those were his favorite things to do all day and he is now extremely smart from playing with learning toys
  • I’m making my daughter a Toy Story weighted blanket.
  • Colors and color books
  • Picture book or small trampolineHide or report this
  • rains or a tablet where they have learning videos
  • My kids like soft things fluffy sensory stuff
  • Sensory swing

What are your reconditions? We will love the hear any recommendation for toys you bought,

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