Autism 7-year old

Toilet Training for autistic kids



This is my son Brady who has autism. He is so cute and lovable, as you can see! He repeats a lot and rocks back and forth and is not toilet-trained, but because he talks a little, he is not considered to have “classic autism” but is on the spectrum. I just wanted to add this to show people on YouTube one of the many faces of autism and how all autistic children are unique and wonderful and lovable in their own way! We love you Brady! *Daddy and Donna* 

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Toileting Skills are basic Skills for all Humans. Generally for people with Autism they can be difficult skills to acquire. Hope this video can be of some help.
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Made to help potty train our Autistic daughter. Audio is take one with no script.
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4 thoughts on “Autism 7-year old

  1. @TheRedjones85 Thank you so much, Ashley. All children are precious beyond words and our autistic children are no different! He’s nine now and just became toilet-trained a few months ago. We are so proud of him!

  2. Hi my name is Ashley and i also have two boys that are autistic. And I fell in love with Brady. He so so cute and blessed.

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