I Never Forget a Face Memory Matching Game for Autistic Kids – By eeBoo sold on Amazon

Good for people with autism

The smiling faces of 24 children from countries all over the world are fun and sometimes challenging to match in this memory game. The back cover shows each child and identifies their home country. ” This game is great for memory and also for recognizing and recognizing faces.” This game is under Amazon choice >> shop now for this game on Amazon

Some reviews I picked form Amazon

J. Wolfe Wrote

Classic Concentration + global cultural awareness at a level that connects with kids = awesome.

Great concept, nice solid game feel, reasonably balanced geography (3 Africa, 3 North America, 2 Caribbean, 5 Europe, 2 Middle East, 6 Asia, 2 South America, 1 Oceania), beautiful/chic design both front and back. The game is compact and portable.

We call out the names of the countries as we turn them over, both as a mnemonic tool for the game and to help them begin to develop associations with the country names. Homeschooling families could probably build a bigger geography lesson out of this, pull a globe over and talk through where all these places are, perhaps even make other mini-games out of the pieces.

We highly recommend it. You can’t go wrong!

SLO Elsie Wrote
¬†bought this game about a month ago. I provide daytime care/education for my 3 granddaughters: ages 22 mos., 3 yrs., and 4 1/2yrs. I am big into educational games and am a retired preschool/kindergarten teacher. We LOVE this game! We typically play it several times a day in various ways. Individually, they will bring it to me or work on it on their own. The 22 mos. old can match 3-4 pairs at a time and is also learning to turn them face down to play “concentration” (needs help with this). For each of the girls, we start with 3-4 pairs at a time and work up. We are working on them using their words to describe what they see, ex. “what is she wearing?”; “she’s got a pink scarf on”, etc.. It is a game I see them using often and for quite some time. The materials are very sturdy and they even survived a minor “nibbling” incident. Great for visual discrimination, memory, similarities and differences, verbalization, etc.. Highly recommend this product! Update: We have now owned this game for 4 years. My grandkids still play it several times a week. It is looking a little worn but the individual tiles and the box are still in good condition. That’s unusual for an item used so often (in my experience).

This product has 80% positive reviews

Have you tried this precut please hare your experience with us

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