Toilet Training – Autistic & difficult children

Toilet Training for autistic kids
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24 thoughts on “Toilet Training – Autistic & difficult children

  1. @livingblessed100 I feel your pain! it is so frustrating, same thing I am going through but my son doesn’t understand.

  2. @kiaora224 I have a 4yr old non verbal autistic child. She’s doesn’t have the ability to feel when she needs to use the bathroom, she under sensitive…we need to raise her level of sensitivity before we can even begin toilet that’s fun!

  3. @zedgirl44 why are you offended?? parents using this advice are likely to have a child with autism at around the age of 3yrs to 4yrs old that need to be potty trained. The fact you can use the toilet doesn’t mean autistic toddlers can use it neither does anyone think anyone is stupid.

  4. I’ve been doing toilet training with my PDD son for 1 1/2 year now. Pipi are ok, but he still refuses to do no 2 on the toilet and insists that they go on the underwear (he is verbal and explains that to us). The walls of his bedroom is full of charts showing the treats he got since we started. Now he refuses treats when we are able to get him to do a no 2 in the toilet. I’m desperate and scared that we are going to have to do it all over again for my other son.

  5. The boy I know is 15 years old, severly Autistic. He does not have verbal skills. He urinates in the toilet but does not recognise the need when he needs to pooh. So he messes himself but does not complete the motion, he is cleaned up and then the process happens again. This is happening at school and at home. His parents do not know where to turn for help. They have tried pedatricians, the mother has asked other parents, but their children are not as high on the Austic spectrim as her son.

  6. Try toilet training an almost completely non verbal 4yr old autistic child. Fun!…

  7. Zedgirl44, I dont think anyone is saying autistic children are in anyway ‘dumb’ as you say. I am the grandmother of a severly autistic child with very bad sensory disorders. He is 3 and a half and is in no way ready to potty train. He is very smart but is inability to speak and his sensory disorder makes life difficult for him. This isnt about children with milder forms of autism, it is to help parents of children who are more severly impaired.

  8. @jlopezosci find an BCBA therapist that will address your needs. Also read up on it. Potty alarms are also another option.

  9. uh…………..
    but you know… were not as dumb as you think

  10. My son would not use a potty chair – only a " seat " – small seat for children that fit on the the main toilet seat. and was in diapers till the age of three – it was extremely difficult to get him potty trained but eventually we were able to train him before pre school.

  11. my daughter is 8 and is okay while she’s awake but when she sleeps we still put traing pants on her we have tried everything

  12. My daughter is 8 and potty trained while she’s awake but when she sleeps we still put training pants and we have tried everything she wakes up with a full diaper

  13. my son will pee on the potty but not poop any sugestions. Please help after 8 years im done with poopie diapers.

  14. i have aspergers and i was potty trained by the time i was 18 months old i was also off the bottle by then and back then my mom did not know i had aspergers i did not get labeled that until few months ago

  15. i’m gonna potty train my child at 1. i don’t believe in this B.S. sorry i just don’t.

  16. This guy is a fluff. Seven minutes of nonsensical blah-blah. If you a parent and want to teach an autistic child toileting, go and read Chapter 15 of the ME Book by Lovaas published in 1987. This chapter, which is only 3 pages long, will help you to train almost ANY child, even with severe delays.

  17. this is just what Ive been doing for the last 4- 5 months every 20 minutes we go !! some days we are brilliant others are not good at all

  18. I certainly don’t mean to be. I made that comment more than 2 years ago. I think each child is different.

  19. Not to be incendiary, but are you saying parents who fail to train children w/autism are doing something wrong? I’ve been toileting my daughter since 30 mos – before she was even diagnosed w/autism. She’s now 5 1/2 and still wets herself daily. We have tried everything from stickers to time training. Pull-ups during the day were gone at age 4 (ready or not). When children who are younger than my kid ask their mommies to go potty, it makes me want to chew off my own arm. IDK what I’m doing wrong.

  20. Ive recently found out my son is autistic and I havent potty trained him yet cause I dont think he is ready he just turned 2 in Dec. he doesnt tell me he is soiled and he doesnt seem to show discomfort by it . Im sure when I go for my feedback meeting they will give me tips but I didnt even think of potty traing till 2 1/2 yrs old

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