Outside the Isolating World of Severe Autism

Autism Reality

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14 thoughts on “Outside the Isolating World of Severe Autism

  1. @462kitkat Yes, some studies show mildly autistic (HF) individuals do well on low doses of ritalin or adderall. This seems to be a common theme in autism, dopamine dysfunction. My son would probably do well on low dose ritalin, but unfortunately, with seizures it’s contraindicated, so I give him L-tryosine. Ask doctor to look at low dose ADHD drugs for HF autism, if you’re interested. Jamey went to a program with a mildly autistic person who loved Jamey, and was always around him.

  2. @kgaccount Do you know anything about mild autism? Can ADHD drugs help with mild autism?

  3. its so crazy how far apart the severities of autism can be. your son looks like my friends cousin. on the other hand, i suspect my boyfriend of having autism but its so minor we don’t even know.

  4. You r the best mom EVER i have seen all ur vids and they are just wonderful!!!!!

  5. @WizardOfHumor1989 Thank you! You are so encouraging…I really appreciate that. I told Jamey your encouraging words and he smiled.

  6. My heart goes out to you and Jamie! With autism, he’s a sweet young man! Keep praying within a day of life that awareness of the condition is broad and that things can be helped. God bless you!

  7. I pray for you and your family. I am sure it takes a great deal of hard work and drive to keep Jamey comfortable and happy.

  8. I love jameys face while dancing with his sister. It’s just "this stopped being cute, now get the hell off of me!"

  9. @pieabetic74 Just saw this comment. Thank you. I hope to have more tranquil times like this! This year has been a roller coaster ride like no other!

  10. I Hope you read this comment. I am so moved by your wonderful , beautiful family and as a unit your constant exhaustion and after… All for love . Parents like myself take for granted exchanges of the smallest kind with our children. Your truly inspirational. . I shall now go back to watching recipes ! , (thats what I was on here for and stumbled uscross your story.) I am both enlightened touched and more importantly more aware…. Sending warm regards to you from the uk x

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