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Sight words

Many words don’t follow basic decoding rules and are taught in pre-k and kindergarten classrooms as “sight words”, “instant words”, “high frequency words” or “star words.” A new reader finds sight words very frustrating until they are memorized.
Featured words: A, and, for, have, he, I, in, is, it, of, play, said, that, the, to, you

Sequences for Autism

Sequence it! is a tool intended for strengthening the understanding of processes based on a sequence of events.

A sequence of images is an effective tool and can be used in a variety of educational activities, including: understanding cause and effect, understanding processes and a series of actions, encouraging literacy, expanding vocabulary, assistance in understanding the sequence of a story, etc.

See touch learn

Parents need to know that See.Touch.Learn. is a tool to help parents, educators, and therapists work with kids with special needs like autism. The app provides sets of picture cards with accompanying lessons as well as an easy-to-use system of organizing picture card sets. Picture cards are frequently used at home and in the classroom to help kids with developmental challenges learn new concepts and improve communication skills. The app provides 32 cards for free along with six lessons. 

Words on Wheels

Words on Wheels is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app for the iPad that helps children with speech problems to communicate more efficiently by combining images to create sentences

Verbal me

This easy-to-use AAC and choice board app was suggested and edited by special needs teachers to help nonverbal kids participate in class. Users tap a button and the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch speaks the button text aloud in either a boy’s or girl’s voice. Screen choices include yes/no, alphabet, numbers, interactive speaking clock, skip counting, opposites, world map, US coins, bullying, getting dressed, using the bathroom, seasons, emotions, BINGO, body parts, life cycle of a butterfly, custom screens with editable text and pictures.


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