what causes Autism:

A lot of people are unsure about Autism and do not completely understand it. Many doctors claim that it is due to environmental and genetic factors. Though, nobody has a definitive answer. That is why a lot of people tend to get quite frustrated while talking about this disease. Interestingly a lot of research is being done on this disorder.

What Causes Autism


Is Autism genetically caused?

It has been found that autism has a genetic cause behind it. That is why; it is proved at many instances that autistic parents have greater chances of having an autistic child. Moreover, those parents who have an autistic child might also have increased chances of having another offspring with the same disease.

Is Autism caused by vaccines?

There are one or two theories which link vaccination with autism. The first theory is based on the fact that MMR vaccine which is given for mumps, measles and rubella tend to cause intestinal changes that leads to autism. Another theory states that a preservative known as thimerosal is used in some vaccines which can also cause autism. So yes, there has been some links of autism to vaccination.

Is autism due to bad parenting?

Well certainly not! Dr. Kanner, the person who first identified this condition gave the idea that cold refrigerator mothers actually resulted in offspring. This is certainly not true. Dr. Kanner’s wrong perception had caused huge guilt to a lot of parents. Luckily, this notion is now changing paradigms.

Is Autism caused due to atypical brain development?

A lot of researchers have found that a normal/typical brain and an autistic brain have several differences. The autistic people tend to have larger brains. Moreover, they also tend to process information quite differently i.e. their brains are actually wired in a different manner.

Does Autism cause Immune Deficiency?

Some evidences have been found linking autism with immune deficiency. Many autistic patients tend to have immune related problems. However, research is going on in this mandate and some doctors claim that they have developed effective treatments regarding boosting the immune system. However, some sources do not relate osteoporosis with immune problem.

Does food allergy cause Autism?

Some foods tend to enhance autism. Foods having gluten and casein tend to be significantly related to autism. However, no proper links have been established yet.

Does poor nutrition cause Autism?

Malnutrition tends to cause Autism. That is why, autistic people are advised to take multivitamins.

What exactly is the cause of Autism?

It is more likely that autism is caused by multiple factors and not just one alone. For instance, genetically susceptible kids who are also allergic to food can be autistic. However, numerous researches are still going on to identify the main causes of autism but still main focus is on the treatments used.

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