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Hello, it’s Amit here. Today, I want to share my thoughts on a product that has become a favorite in our household – the Gold Fidget Spinner Magic Orb. This isn’t just any fidget spinner; it’s a tool that has brought much joy and relief to our lives.

The fidget spinner is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Saar loves to have it in his pocket, and it’s perfect for those moments when he needs a quick distraction or a way to relieve stress. The design of the spinner is sleek and modern, and it feels durable and well-made. It’s a bit heavier than some other fidget spinners, which gives it a nice weight and balance when spinning.

One of the standout features of this spinner is its ability to spin for an extended period. Saar has timed it, and it consistently turns for over two minutes on a single flick. This is significantly longer than other fidget spinners we’ve tried.

The spinner comes in its storage case, a nice touch. It’s also received many compliments for its unique design that resembles a mini golden snitch, making it a great gift for Harry Potter fans. It was the favorite gift at a child’s birthday party and has been loved by both kids and adults.

According to the reviews on Amazon, the Gold Fidget Spinner Magic Orb is a great product. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 1,068 global ratings as of July 17th, 2023. One customer said that “This is a great fidget spinner! It spins very smoothly and quietly. The gold color is very pretty and it’s a good size for adults or kids. It comes in a nice box too so it would make a great gift.”

I believe this fidget spinner is well worth the cost in terms of value for money. It’s a high-quality product that delivers on its promises and has become a daily tool for Saar. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a stress-relieving gadget or a unique gift for a Harry Potter fan.

That’s all for today. Remember, every child is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. But in our case, this fidget spinner has been a wonderful addition to Saar’s toolkit for managing his autism. Until next time, stay strong and keep believing in the journey.

Best, Amit


My name is Adi, and I am the proud parent of Saar, a lively 17-year-old who happens to have autism. I have created a blog,, with the aim to share our family's journey and offer guidance to those who may be going through similar experiences. Saar, much like any other teenager, has a passion for football, cycling, and music. He is also a budding pianist and enjoys painting. However, his world is somewhat distinct. Loud sounds can be overwhelming, sudden changes can be unsettling, and understanding emotions can be challenging. Nevertheless, Saar is constantly learning and growing, and his unwavering resilience is truly remarkable.

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