living With Autism The Pilot Episode PT 1 of 4.mp4

Autism Reality

Watch part 1 of 4 of the first reality based episode of Living With Autism. This pilot episode focuses on the lives of Greg and Joyce Wyatt (parents) of adopted autistic children Weston and Emily.

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1 thought on “living With Autism The Pilot Episode PT 1 of 4.mp4

  1. All I wantd for my autistic son, was to hear "I love you" Now, he has quite a FULL vocablualry, very social & LOVES Legos. He’s an awesome & talented & very funny w an incredible sense of humor. I didnt think thr was ANY way he could learn Legos. He has mastered them. He just turned 13yo. Using pix, sign language & Legos helpt him 1000% My heart goes out to ur children.

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