Everything You Need to Know About ABA Therapy and Medicaid Coverage

ABA Therapy And Medicaid Coverage

ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis, is a highly effective technique to improve social skills and positive behaviors in those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). However, it can be costly—often around $40 per hour—and your insurance may not cover it. In this article, we’ll talk about what ABA therapy is, how much it costs, and how to get Medicaid coverage if you need it to help pay for your child’s ABA therapy sessions.

The Basics of What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is a treatment method for behavior disorders that uses positive reinforcement. The therapist works with the patient to identify desired behaviors and then rewards the patient for exhibiting those behaviors. ABA therapy aims to help the patient develop new, more positive ways of behaving.

How long has aba therapy been around 

ABA therapy has been around for over 50 years and was initially developed to help children with autism. The therapy is based on the principles of behaviorism, which state that behavior can be learned through positive reinforcement. ABA therapy is an effective treatment for autism, and more recently, it has also been used to treat other conditions such as ADHD, OCD, and depression.

Does aba therapy work for mild autism? 

ABA therapy is a behavior therapy effective in treating autism spectrum disorder. ABA therapy aims to help children with ASD acquire new skills and improve their functioning. ABA therapy can treat children with mild, moderate, or severe ASD. While there is no cure for ASD, ABA therapy can significantly improve the disorder’s symptoms.

How Much Does It Cost?

ABA therapy can be costly, but fortunately, many insurance companies are beginning to cover the costs of this treatment. Medicaid is a government-funded health insurance program that covers low-income individuals and families. While coverage varies from state to state, most states offer some coverage for ABA therapy. However, in some cases, coverage may be limited to a certain number of hours per week or available only for children under 18.

How to afford aba therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a treatment method for autism that has been proven to be effective. However, it can be expensive, so it’s important to know how to afford it. One way to cover the cost of ABA therapy is through private insurance. Some insurers may cover some or all of the costs of aba therapy as an autism-related medical expense under their insurance policy benefits if you have an autism diagnosis.

The best insurance for aba therapy is through your employer. Employers typically offer health insurance coverage through a group plan with two types: employee-only and family plans. Family plans usually include spouses and children up to age 26, while employee-only plans do not include dependents. If your employer offers both types of coverage, you will need to determine which is better for your family.

There are other options available to help you afford aba therapy. For example, many states have a Medicaid program designed specifically for people who need financial assistance. There are also sliding scale clinics where therapists charge based on what you can pay. To qualify for Medicaid, your household income must fall below certain limits based on your family size. In general, households that make more than $3,700 a month are not eligible for help with medical bills under Medicaid.

Why Is This Important?

ABA therapy is a treatment for autism that can significantly improve the quality of life for those affected by the condition. It is crucial to know whether or not your insurance will cover this type of therapy, as it can be pretty expensive. Medicaid is a government-funded insurance program that covers low-income individuals and families. In some states, Medicaid will cover ABA therapy, while in others, it does not. Therefore, it is important to check with your state’s Medicaid office to see if coverage is available.

The 5 Best Places for getting ABA therapy in the USA

There are many wonderful places across the United States that offer high-quality ABA therapy services. Here are five of the best 

1) The Colorado Autism Program, which has been providing exceptional therapeutic services for children with autism for over 20 years, specializes in developing treatments and interventions that are effective, efficient, and tailored to each child’s needs. 

2) Research indicates that one way to help children learn new skills is by teaching them how their actions affect others (known as social learning). Kids on the Go Learning Center teaches social skills through various fun activities in a supportive environment designed just for kids with autism. In addition, qualified professionals teach social skills classes with specialized training in working with autistic children. These professionals will work one-on-one with your child or be part of an interactive group where they will teach other participants about different social situations and how to react appropriately.

3) ABLE Developmental Services offers comprehensive ABA therapy programs from infancy to adolescence. They provide quality programming for all ability levels, including those with severe cognitive delays and significant physical disabilities. 

4) Headstrong Nation provides access to ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills), so parents can better understand what their child is capable of doing. 

5) Applied Behavior Systems works primarily with families whose children are severely impacted by autism spectrum disorder.


ABA therapy is behavior therapy that can be highly beneficial to children with an autism spectrum disorder. However, because it can be costly, many families rely on Medicaid to help cover the costs. To determine whether or not your child is eligible for coverage, it’s vital first to understand the requirements set forth by your state’s Medicaid program.


My name is Adi, and I am the proud parent of Saar, a lively 17-year-old who happens to have autism. I have created a blog, 101Autism.com, with the aim to share our family's journey and offer guidance to those who may be going through similar experiences. Saar, much like any other teenager, has a passion for football, cycling, and music. He is also a budding pianist and enjoys painting. However, his world is somewhat distinct. Loud sounds can be overwhelming, sudden changes can be unsettling, and understanding emotions can be challenging. Nevertheless, Saar is constantly learning and growing, and his unwavering resilience is truly remarkable.

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