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Severe Autism: Cases That Require Extraordinary Help

California Family living with severely autistic son with self-injurious behavior. Total chaos and insanity at times. Most shocking: theyve been dealing with this for over 18 years. Psychiatry doesnt even have a diagnosis for what this family (and other families […]

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Autism, Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatments – Everything You Need to Know About Autism


Is it Autism? An Overview of Signs, Symptoms, and Similar Disorders

What Causes Autism? Signs of Autism Is My Child Autistic? How Autism is Diagnosed? What is Persuasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified? Signs of Persuasive Developmental Disorder What Are the Signs of Asperger’s Syndrome? How


Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Lifespan Perspective

The past decade has seen a tremendous increase in the number of people being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and not just young children. Diagnosing

Study: Chromosome change points to autism

By Amanda Chan, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff People who possess a specific change in one of their chromosomes are nearly 14 times more likely to develop an autism


Our first steps

Hello, my name is Amit Wolfman and I am a single mother to a beautiful, talented autistic teenager. I was asked to write a personal column on my

First full genome sequencing for autism: Promise for future diagnosis, prevention and treatment

New research has found that full genome sequencing provides the definitive look at wide ranging genetic variations associated with ASD.

In autism, age at diagnosis depends on specific symptoms

The age at which a child with autism is diagnosed is related to the particular suite of behavioral symptoms he

Rethink Autism Tip: Toilet Train Successfully! Rethink Autism Tip For many parents, toilet training can seem like an overwhelming

Being an Advocate for your Child with Autism: Daily Reality As a six-year veteran of autism, I have gained some hard-won wisdom. When

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