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Realilty Show you won’t see on TV about autism

Rare look into world of autism and self injurious behaviors inside a family unit. Autismo. Auto herida. Autismus und selbstverletzung. Warning! Shocking behavior. Head punching in autistic child who cant help himself.

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In home nursing care helps autistic child

Autistic young adult helped by in-home nursing


Is it Autism? An Overview of Signs, Symptoms, and Similar Disorders

What Causes Autism? Signs of Autism Is My Child Autistic? How Autism is Diagnosed? What is Persuasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified? Signs of Persuasive Developmental Disorder What Are the Signs of Asperger’s Syndrome? How


A difficult dilemma

My friend has only one son, autistic, and she now wants to expand the family and bring him a brother or sister - but her husband is very


Our first steps

Hello, my name is Amit Wolfman and I am a single mother to a beautiful, talented autistic teenager. I was asked to write a personal column on my

Parents of an autistic child said they’ve found a new treatment that has made them believers.

MiniTime: 7 Tips for Flying With an Autistic Child

Experts say that preparation and practice is the key to a successful flight. Here are seven tips for making your

The life of a Mom for autistic childern

When we first started the blog we found Saar mom that wrote about her experience as a mom to autistic child Here us another blog writing about the changeless that parents and families that has Autistic members We

iTrack ADHD Autism Autistic Child Real Time GPS Tracker

ATN News- News Hour Extra: Autistic Child (Part 2)

News Hour Extra is a talk show hosted by Munni Saha on the most

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