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Autism Statistics for New York: Understanding the Prevalence

This post presents key statistics on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in New York, noting a 2.4% prevalence with approximately 33,000 children affected. Autism is more prevalent in boys (4:1 ratio) and diagnoses are mostly made by age 8. It highlights disparities in diagnosis timing across different racial/ethnic groups and underscores the importance of support services and awareness to enhance outcomes for those affected.


Autism in California: Statistics and Prevalence You Need to Know

This post provides vital statistics about autism spectrum disorder in California, indicating a 4.5% prevalence rate, with 1 in 22 children diagnosed, totaling approximately 120,000 affected individuals. Boys are more commonly affected than girls by a 4:1 ratio, and most children get diagnosed by age four. It highlights notable diagnosis disparities among different racial and ethnic groups and emphasizes the importance of support and awareness to improve conditions for those living with autism in California.