Product review: Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Great XMAS Gift for a sensory activity for an autistic kid

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Magical Magnetic Tiles! This is a 24 pack we received! My youngest is having a blast building little houses, and snapping in the number tiles too. This is a great sensory activity for little kids or autistic kids like my youngest daughter! It comes with squares and triangles in vibrant colors, plus cute numbers to help with counting! Great for Christmas gifts, rainy-day activities & more! You can find these on Amazon at
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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set Great XMAS Gift for a sensory activity for an autistic kid
Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece

Positive reviews Taken from Amazon:

Wife bought our 1 yr old the 32 piece for his first B-Day.
I ordered this 186 piece 2 days later w/prime. These things are awesome!!
The tub comfortably holds both sets.
This is the only way to go. Can’t build big towers with just a 32 piece.
I’m confident that these tiles will last for years to come.

I purchased this set for our 3 & 5yr old granddaughter & grandson to play with at our house. They took the tiles to our family Christmas dinner where 65yr olds to 2yr olds enjoyed building for hours! The magnet strength is adequate to build tall buildings. The tiles are durable and survived many Godzilla-like smashes. The carrying case is definitely a plus. With all the tiles it is quite heavy, but we’ve had no issues with the lid popping open in transport. The case could have been made just a bit wider to accommodate the larger base tiles we purchased separately, but holds the original set quite nicely.
I’ve asked for a set for my 65th birthday!

Critical review from Amazon:

Mixed feelings. I have purchased loads of brands they are all about the same. Some have rivets, some don’t – it doesn’t seem to matter. Both are molded together all over the place and strong. All scratch up and look hazy after a month, so some might do this faster, but plan on it. Some are heavy with larger magnets, most are regular sized and a lot lighter, and these two aspects play against each other (one reason some brands skip heavy rivets). The things that I have mostly found to matter are the best and the lest liked things with Mag-genius. The quality control is down on insuring one edges are sealed on 100% of the large triangles and The other shapes are great. In the ones that are bad one side will be flexible and you will see a crack. I have read about magnets falling out. I have never seen it, but I don’t want to mess with it. The tiles are not cheap and my kid is less than 3 and LOVES to builds awesome towers. I am ordering a second box to see if its better quality. What mag-genius does the best of any brand is COLOR and SHAPES! I loved all the colors in this set. They are rich and will wear well. A lot of sets have nonsense shaped and clickins that I HATE, Mag-genius has the absolute best starter set here. There are loads of triangles to make more than boxes!


My name is Adi, and I am the proud parent of Saar, a lively 17-year-old who happens to have autism. I have created a blog,, with the aim to share our family's journey and offer guidance to those who may be going through similar experiences. Saar, much like any other teenager, has a passion for football, cycling, and music. He is also a budding pianist and enjoys painting. However, his world is somewhat distinct. Loud sounds can be overwhelming, sudden changes can be unsettling, and understanding emotions can be challenging. Nevertheless, Saar is constantly learning and growing, and his unwavering resilience is truly remarkable.

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