LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

The LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book features colorful pages and fun facts. Your kiddos will surely have oodles of learning fun with turtles, monkeys, and tigers as they learn new vocabulary and songs. This 100 words book has images and sound effects to entertain your little ones for hours. It has a language switch on the side that lets you hear Spanish words, songs, and instructions. Touch the images to hear cute sound effects or press the light-up star button to listen to two learning songs. The Leapfrog words book is sure to be a favorite with your kiddos!

Discover new vocabulary and meet-cute learning friends with this interactive book the learning friends 100 words book from leapfrog toddlers can explore the pages of this electronic book along with animal friends tiger monkey and turtle each page is filled with cute colorful pictures focusing on animals food body parts activities and more by touching each picture kids will hear the animals say words fish frog fun facts we use our hands to clap or sounds depending on the mode of play they can press the light-up star button to hear 2 learning songs there’s also a Spanish option slide the language switch to hear all the same content in Spanish this is a great way to introduce English-speaking children to a new language or help Spanish-speaking children work on early vocabulary skills all the content is toddler appropriate geared towards the recommended age of 18 months and up it’s a very cute well-made toy for early learners that’s easy to activate and sure to keep little ones busy and entertained it also features a handle for taking on-the-go to double-a batteries are included and there are two volume levels to choose though

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Guest Ratings & Reviews 4.7 94% would recommend


Love it! I bought it for a Special Ed class I work in & my students love it. It has an English & Spanish button and 3 different ways to learn about the words!


My grandson loves monkeys and makes monkey noises, so he’ll enjoy this book and laugh a lot. The sound quality needs to be improved, but otherwise charming. HOWEVER—where is the Gift Message? I foolishly expected a small card. I got the message in tiny, faint print, somewhat lost on the enclosed sleazy paper information printout. Before I wrap the gift, I must include the two AA batteries. I’m glad I didn’t have it shipped directly to the child, so it loses 1/2 star.

Gem Wrote

Honestly, we are minimalist people. Hate most of the plastic crap. And the repetition of most kids’ toys makes u crazy. I’m unsure what the one-star review is about – it does not need a computer to work. I can update the review long-term for its endurance/longevity. My kiddo’s 3&1, one talking vigorously and the other learning the language/single words but building her vocabulary. This thing is awesome! So easy for the kids to use and learn on their own. The screen, yes is very sensitive & responsive but great. It seems like a silly thing to complain about. The kids can easily check their knowledge very easily. I want to buy one for every niece & nephew & friend w a toddler – which there is MANY! It’s a great little find from my mother. The device has a system that reads when u turn th


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