Brother and sister help protect autistic brother from head punches.

Autism Reality

Siblings helping protect autistic brother during self injurious meltdown. Disturbing side of autism you wont see in public broadcasts or charity events about autism. Nor will you hear people who think autism is “wonderful” or a “gift” talk about this level of autism….

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22 thoughts on “Brother and sister help protect autistic brother from head punches.

  1. @MrKeihn Thank you. Jamey is blessed to have a family that truly cares for him and wants the best. This has been an ordeal that has bafled even the most popular autism experts. That said, it is not without hope. The years he’s suffered are going to mitigated by the years he will have joy, peace, comfort when we finally find the right combination of natual and conventional medicines to help him. There are case of severely autistic adults in 30’s who finally calmed down with right med combo

  2. @Abnormaldiversity Yes, your qualities matter and hold a special place in my heart, as it must be very frustrating to see autistics more severe than you, that seem to gather the more shock value. But the reality is, we are all in this together. It doesn’t matter if you are HIGH functioning or LOW functioning, you are all connected by a special bond that warrants help, love, respect and tolerance.

  3. @Abnormaldiversity Yes, I understand your frustration. My brother, and possibly another one of my sons has Aspergers. They don’t get half the attention severe autism gets, because, well, severe autism is much more severe than Aspergers, though my son and brother have their issues, they are much more advanced than my son, so even they, being high functioning Aspergers’ understand this, and aren’t mad about it

  4. i was almost in tears because i saw the beauty of a brother and sister protecting another brother i am deeply crushed on what they have to go through and comend them for the love they show to carry on

  5. Oh, and you claim we don’t see this side in public broadcasts or charity events. Actually, that’s pretty much *all* we see. Look at the ‘Autism Every Day’ video – it was so full of the negative and none of the positive.

  6. @CDFoakley He is so beautiful, really good looking guy. Bless him & u for all being so wonderful, he needs u & if the boot was on the other foot I bet he would fight & do right by u 2 -x-
    My brother started hearing voices 4 years agoe & it was unbelievable the stess, pain & heartbreak it caused us all. He is worth it, we love him sooooooooo much, we hate the illness but we love him & will stand by him forever xxx

  7. I cannot believe that somebody actually said:

    ‘This will sound cruel, but letting such severely disabled people live is a burden to everyone’

    Things don’t normally make me angry, but that is disgusting.

    it really is.

    if somebody said that about my autistic brother, well..i don’t what i would do.


  8. I am learning so much from these videos that i am now able to take care of my cousin for weekends in order to give my aunt and uncle a break…he also has SIB and siezures….but he and i seem to have a type of bond and i have been able to redirect him from some of his SIB now thanks to your videos.

  9. @vulturedoors Well actually the way I see it, (my brother’s severely autistic) he doesn’t even realize anything is wrong with him. So it’s not a burden on him. And personally, he’s helped us grow as a family. WE work together to take care of him.

  10. This so sad…I feel for you all, but I wonder about siblings… what life are they allowed to have… ?

  11. @vulturedoors I lived with an autistic stepbrother for 5 years and not ever did I once resent the burden he beared upon my family. God has a plan for every single person in this world including the mentally challenged! Yes it can be stressful, but you can ask this mother, CDFoakley, you wouldnt change the way your son is for the world, you only want his happiness, Correct?

  12. @DarkQuietWyattON The world would’ve been better off and would have lasted much longer if the Nazi’s lived. No more disorders, no more fights about race, no more different political ideologies, and countries with nuclear weapons. HEIL HITLER, and worship the FUHRER

  13. @vulturedoors I have a more than one disability. You think I should not be allowed to live? Yeah…the nazi’s thought the same thing.

  14. I’ve been watching video’s about this boy for almost two hours. I can’t stop watching them.. It’s very sad, and it makes me wish i could help in some way! Your son is absolutely gorgeous, you you are such a wonderful mother.

  15. How do you feel about the little shocking device? I have heard good and bad responses to it. I know some people think it’s cruel, but wow this behavior is very difficult. I work in Special Ed. and sometimes there just are not any good options.

    I hope the best for you family.

  16. @vulturedoors – I am his sister and the only resentment I feel is towards the people who have the capabilities to help my family but instead are too worried about their latte from Starbuck’s.

  17. my son has autisim and in California, I went through a hell too there desperate to get help. It was so difficult to even get an official evaluation to even start the torturous hunt for any kind of services. Other states are better (we in Dallas now). and i think CA must have the highest rate of autism.
    Your family is MORE THAN AMAZING. Inspirational truly. Try binding his body with compression bandages. Thank you for sharing truth.

  18. @vulturedoors…hope u really know what ur talking about…just be thankful ur not in our situation!

  19. my son has autism & sometimes punches himself too. though not during his sleep. i accept my son as he is but meltdowns are distressing for both him & myself.

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