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5 Incredible Autism Schools in California That Will Change Your Life


Autism affects one in 68 people, and many schools cater to the needs of children with autism. If you’re looking for the best autism schools in California, you can’t go wrong with these five options! Read on to learn more about these special schools, and see if one of them might be suitable for your child.

1) School 1: Son Rise Morningstar

Son-Rise Morningstar is a great school that specializes in helping children with autism. The staff is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable, and they go above and beyond to ensure each child gets the individualized attention they need to thrive. The school also strongly focuses on family involvement, so you can be confident that your child will receive the support they need at home and school. If you’re looking for an elite school with top-notch academics and teachers who care deeply about their students, this is it! School 2: Spirit of Learning: Spirit of Learning is a tuition-free independent preschool for kids aged 2 through 5 with autism or other developmental disabilities. In addition to academics, Son-Rise Morningstar also emphasizes emotional intelligence and social skills. The school even offers child care for kids up to 3 years old, so you can have peace of mind knowing your child is well taken care of while at work or running errands. When you enroll your child in Son-Rise Morningstar, you also gain access to family support classes that give parents helpful tips on how to help their children with autism.

2) School 2: The Lovaas Institute

The Lovaas Institute is one of the leading autism schools in the world, and they have a branch right here in sunny California! They use a unique Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach to help children with autism reach their full potential. I have seen their fantastic work, and I can attest that they truly change lives. So, if you are looking for an autism school in California, the Lovaas Institute should be at the top of your list! It was recently ranked as the best ABA center in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Child Magazine has also recognized it as a Best of the award winner for providing comprehensive treatment for autistic children through its ABA Therapy program.

3) School 3: Therapeutic Learning Center

If you’re looking for an autism school in California that is truly life-changing, look no further than the Therapeutic Learning Center. The TLC specializes in teaching students with autism how to function independently and become productive members of society. With a highly trained staff and cutting-edge facilities, the TLC is one of the best places in the state for students with autism to get the education and support they need to thrive. In addition to traditional classes, it also offers workshops on important topics like coping skills and time management so your child can feel more confident about their future after graduation. One particularly notable feature of this program is its emphasis on art therapy—students spend their days immersed in creative projects designed to help them work through issues they may be having difficulty expressing verbally.

4) School 4: Bright Star Kids Ranch

This school is fantastic! The staff is so dedicated to helping every student succeed. They have a very individualized approach to education, which seems to work well for their students. My child has flourished since starting at this school. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an autism school in California. You won’t regret it! 

The fact that my son will get to learn and grow with kids who share his needs is also a huge plus. So many children are on the spectrum, but they are treated equally. Every child has the opportunity to be themselves without being judged or criticized.

5) School 5: First Steps Behavior Academy

Located in Roseville, First Steps Behavior Academy is a top-notch school that specializes in teaching children with autism. The staff is incredibly caring and experienced, using the most up-to-date methods to help your child thrive. The school offers a wide range of services, from speech to occupational therapy. If you’re looking for an autism school in California that will change your life, First Steps Behavior Academy is the place for you. It’s always hard when you first get into treatment, but once your child starts seeing improvements, it’s all worth it! School 6: Amazing Kids: Offering various programs for all ages, Amazing Kids is perfect if you need a specialized treatment program for your child. With small class sizes and highly qualified instructors dedicated to their student’s success, this school has some of the best teachers in Southern California. So what sets them apart from other schools?

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