Principles of Treatment

Parent-Run: It is our belief that parents are the best friends and resource of their child. They know their child more than anybody else and they want the best for the child from their hearts and therefore they put in their best efforts in the treatment of the child. That is why parents are, the most motivating and helping force in a child’s treatment. The active participation of parents can also help them in applying the techniques at home. It will help in making the treatment consistent and make it enjoyable for both parents and child.

Son-Rise Playroom: Minimal distractions must be arranged to help the children suffering from Autism so that they can learn more effectively and quickly. Parents are taught to create their own playroom at home that keeps the child engaged in healthy activities. That’s how you can make it easy for child to acquire the targeted knowledge.

Motivation: The best way to encourage a child and gain his interest in something is by finding out what motivates them. Parents are taught to identify and make the best use of their child’s motivational factors. Children grow limitlessly once they find the right source of motivation.

Joining: When an autistic child feels chaos he uses some self-stimulating exercises to calm himself and gets his sensory system organized.  The biggest challenge for an autistic kid is to interact socially with other kids. When they are stopped from doing something that they do to take their care, they react negatively and get further away. That is why parents are taught to join in with their child in activities which they find interesting. Once child gets on a comfort level with the parent they come out of the isolated area and interact happily. And that gives help to you in teaching them new things and skills.

Attitude: Parents tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious at times, which is normal. This program also targets the comfort of parents and they are inspired to do more. This program helps in the enhancement of life of the whole family including the life of the Autistic child as well.

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  1. Sencho Neko says:

    Hi all,
    I would love to share this incredible inspiring video with everyone. The video is on Laura who fully recovered from autism using the Son-Rise Program! This is just an amazing story:


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