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Autism ≈ A Harsh Reality ≈ A Real Disorder :'(

iz sharing this videoz of recordingz of me on some bad dayz with my Autism struggle, to leave behind a record of a real disorder an the harsh realityz of that real disorder; Autism iz not fake it iz a […]

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Autism Weekly- Autistic boy labeled CHEATER on xbox live, Famous people with autism, autism reality

Click the link to watch the full 10 minute documentary of autism reality-

Autism: Everyday Life. Mom’s Point of View!

This week is dedicated to autism. "Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in

Autism & Beyond The Limits- Official Trailer #1 (Teaser Trailer) [HD]

This is the official teaser trailer to Autism & Beyond The Limits, my new

What a story

Autistic basketball player Jason McElwain has the game of his life

Tips for Buying Toys for Autistic Children: A Gift Giving Challenge

Do you Know New year products and gifts for the Autistic Community??

We are looking for New year Products and gifts targeted for the Autistic community. If you Know such products, please Send us links Pictures Etc. So we can post them to our

My kid’s Autistic Shirt

I found this shirt on and i like the slogan very much It says "My kids is Autistic what so special about your kid's" This is the spirit that

iKids Fashion on Lex18.flv

The Colby Chronicles: storytime EVERYONE POOPS autism

Here is Colby reading a silly book called "everyone poops". I got this book recently to help him with getting through some toilet phobias and anxiety. I am

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