The effect on families?

Does autism Effect Families?

“Those children who have a sibling suffering from Autism exhibit behavioral problems than those who do not.” Explains Wakely. “The most common of these problems are acting out, disobedience and aggressive behavior.”

But it is not similar everywhere. Many studies show that children with affected siblings do exhibit positive attitude too. Wakely adds, “Those kids show high level of maturity and empathy, they have positive self-concept and they find it easy to interact socially and to adapt”.

Developed in early childhood years, Autism is actually a neurological disorder. Many children suffering from this order but the symptoms and severities are different everywhere. It is still not known that what causes Autism but what is known is that it is found everywhere in the world.

The ability to interact and mingle in the society and communicate is badly affected due to Autism. People find it hard to initiate and sustain relationships with other humans. This often results in strained family relationships and emotionally suffering family members.

Wakely states that “This disease has a very diverse nature and it is affecting a huge number of families over the globe. Therefore it is necessary to also consider how is this disorder affecting the normal children of the family?”

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