Dietary and Other involvements Dietary and Other involvements:

Parents are always looking to help their child by finding new techniques and methods against Autism. At times situations come when parents of the child suffering from ASD come up with a therapy or the health therapist himself developes something new and helpful. But the only sad thing about it is that the newly found treatment may only work on one child and not on the other. Therefore a newfound technique should go through clinical trials. They can be random or double-blinded trials. This way the credibility of the treatment will be measured and legalized. We have mentioned below some interventions which have been said to help some kids though they have not been clinically tested:

Dietary interventions are simply based on the logic that 1) symptoms of autism can be caused by food allergies, and 2) lack of a vital vitamin or mineral might have given rise to the autistic symptoms. Measure the nutritional status of the child very carefully before planning to start a new diet system.

Parents whose kids are suffering from ASD have found that gluten-free and casein-free diets very helpful. Finding such a diet is very difficult job because both things are a part of our essential meal. Casein is actually a protein found in milk whereas Gluten is similar to Casein and it is found in all the cereal foods like wheat, rye, barley and oat.

Vitamin B6 is another very helpful supplement for these children. It should be taken with magnesium as magnesium enhances the effectiveness of the vitamins. Mixed results are found from different studies as some children found it effective whereas others did not.

The hot topic of discussion in circles over a few years is that should secretin be used to cure Autism? Secretin is actually an FDA approved substance which is given to patients suffering with gastrointestinal problems. Some subjective reports have shown that it leaves positive effects on the Autistic by improving the sleeping pattern, linguistic skills and alertness level. But many clinical tests showed that there wasn’t any significant change in patient’s behavior who used secretin.

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