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Guardian-Angel Tracker Universal Digital Range Frequency Locator for Children , Pets , Cell Phones , Car keys & other Valuables – ** Free Bonus Pink Holster Pouch for the Tags **

Guardian Angel is a digital wireless RF Locator designed to protect your family. The Tags can be attached to children, pets, cell phones, car keys, and other valuables. One Base can control up to four Tags (Two Tags included in this package). The maximum line-of-sight search range is 1,600 feet (*See Specifications). The 95dB Alarm can be set to trigger at variable distance (Approximately 32 feet, 64 feet (factory preset), or 160 feet). The Alarm can be turned off when desired. A Panic button on the tag can be used to call the base if necessary. Guardian Angel is CE and FCC compliant.

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SGTK203 Waterproof Autism GPS Tracker GPS Watch for Autistic Kids

This Waterproof Autism GPS Tracker GPS Watch for Autistic Kids Based on GSM/GPRS and GPS, you can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS.


  • Get the target's latitude and longitude

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