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Autistic Persons You Don’t See on Sitcoms, Reality Shows or Hollywood Movies

Family raising severely autistic young adult tries to leave house, but cant because autistic son keeps punching self. Politicians seldom speak about this side of autism spectrum disorder. Probably because most like this boy are hidden in institutions or group […]

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Astrojumper – virtual reality exergame for children with autism

First study on neurotypical people aged 5-50 complete! We found a positive correlation between

Autism detected in brains of six-month-old infants

“Signs of autism can be detected in six-month-old babies by measuring brain activity,” the Daily Mail has reported. While the Mail was correct, the research has not yet

Autism ≈ A Harsh Reality ≈ A Real Disorder :'(

iz sharing this videoz of recordingz of me on some bad dayz with my

More people worldwide may have the disorder than previously thought

S. Korea study suggests high autism rates By examining 55,000 children age 7-12, even those not enrolled in special education programs, researchers found that one in 38 children had

Eye Tracking Shows Autistic Children Prefer Geometric Patterns

Eye tracking technology has once again proved to be a valuable tool for studying autism in children. The recent study was published last week in the Archives of

Study Linking Vaccine to Autism Was ‘Elaborate Fraud,’ Journal Says

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In New Study, MRI Scans First Provide Way To Diagnose Autism with Near Perfect Accuracy

Autism disorders affect one in 110 children in the U.S.--or perhaps more--but the method of diagnosing the condition, which is characterized by difficulties socializing and communicating, among other

News Alert: Connection Between Freeways and Autism

Autism - Day by Day: News Alert: Connection Between Freeways and Autism...: "Autism has twice the chance of developing in

Autism may be linked to defects in mitochondria, UC Davis study says

Autistic children have a high incidence of defects in mitochondria, the "powerhouses" of cells, but it is not yet clear if those defects are a cause of the

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