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A difficult dilemma

My friend has only one son, autistic, and she now wants to expand the family and bring him a brother or sister – but her husband is very much afraid that the second child born to them will be also […]

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Autism may be linked to defects in mitochondria, UC Davis study says

Autistic children have a high incidence of defects in mitochondria, the "powerhouses" of cells, but it is not yet clear if those defects are a cause of the

Holiday Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

(The original post from
The holiday season often brings stress to families in general and families of children with autism often see this stress double as

Autism spectrum disorders are among the most heartbreaking—and mysterious—of childhood maladies. New genetic research opens a window on a possible cause

Uncovering a Common Mutation The symptoms are gradual and insidious. An infant or toddler begins to withdraw from social interaction and to take refuge in solitary, often repetitive

TRU Autism Heroes Theme Song

Today, Toys"R"Us announced that its fifth annual nationwide in-store and online fundraising campaign benefiting

Vaccines and Flu shots… the realities, dangers, and damage they can cause

Are flu shots or vaccines dangerous or damaging to you or your families health?

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