Kids with Autism May Be Over Diagnosed with ADHD

This may result if their symptoms aren’t attentively followed to distinguish between focus problems or social shortages in kids with ASD incorrectly identified as having ADHD.

“This is significant because drugs that work for ADHD may be powerful for a child on the autism spectrum.”

Scale scores can also be used in advocating school.

As about 30 percent or more of kids with ASD also have ADHD, one complicating factor is comorbidity. The scale requests parents and teachers to supply numeric evaluations seeing 18 items about a kid’s behavior: nine items on inattention and nine on impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Study coauthor Thomas J. Power, Ph.D., manager of CHOP’s Center for Management of ADHD, developed ADHD-RS IV in the 1990s (An upgraded version, the fifth edition, was released earlier this year, but not used in the present study).

Our research raises questions relating to this evaluation instrument, but all such measures that rely on teacher and parent evaluations to evaluate ADHD in kids with ASD.”

For the study, the researchers examined evaluations of 386 kids, aged seven to 17, who’d ASD without intellectual disability. To ascertain whether the tool was not ineffective for kids on the autism spectrum, the researchers used a technique called factor analysis. They found that some questions on the ADHD rating scale were not low for kids with ASD instead of being high only for the subset of kids who’d ADHD symptoms that were significant.

“One inherent issue,” said in how we ask these questions.” Yes, “may be, For instance, he described, teachers and parents are asked, “Does the child respond when spoken to directly?”

Nevertheless, a straightforward yes or no to this question doesn’t differentiate between real inattention (a symptom of ADHD) and a kid’s lack of comprehension about the best way to act in a social situation (frequently discovered in ASD).

Likewise, other questions on the scale inquire how well a kid remains focused on one job during playtime. ADHD may cause a child to  easily diverted from an action, but another kid may instead quit playing because of ASD-related problems with the social game.

Parents who are concerned should seek out clinicians who are running assessments for ADHD and are additionally taking into consideration the likelihood of autism included Years Until we’re capable of developing and validating a new rating scale that takes symptoms of autism into accounts.


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