WATCH: What It’s Like To Have A Brother With Autism

Good for people with autism

Spencer Timme is often asked what having an older brother with autism is like — if it’s hard, frustrating, or …read more

A Sibling’s Perspective: Living with an Autistic Brother

Having an older brother with autism can be both challenging and rewarding. On the one hand, people with autism may have difficulty with social interactions and communication, making it hard to connect with them in the way you might with a typical sibling. They may also have repetitive behaviors or challenges with sensory processing, making certain activities or environments difficult for them.

On the other hand, having an older brother with autism can also be a rewarding experience. People with autism often have unique perspectives and ways of seeing the world, and spending time with them can be an enlightening and enriching experience. Additionally, caring for a sibling with autism can help you develop patience, understanding, and compassion, which are valuable traits in any person.

Overall, having an older brother with autism can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. It may require extra effort and understanding but can also bring joy and growth.

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