Vaccines: Dirty Truth Revealed – Reality Report Special Interview

Autism Reality | http | The Reality Report sits down with Tim OShea, author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization to reveal the dark truth of vaccination in America. OShea discusses how vaccines are dangerous, details the history of the swine flu and h1n1 and connects the dots between autism, asthma and excessive vaccination. The interview was filmed at the 2010 Heath & Freedom Conference.

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15 thoughts on “Vaccines: Dirty Truth Revealed – Reality Report Special Interview

  1. swine flu does kill immuno supressed people and effects mainly kids! Vaccines do have bad side effects on a very small number of the population. Thats never been a secret!

  2. Wow. Good ol’ Tim O’Shea gets his first lie out within the first 30 seconds and it gets worse from there.

    It’s one thing to have a different opinion than other people — you have a right to your opinion. However, he starts "facts" that are demonstrably false.

    Vaccines never tested in clinical trials, eh? Interesting. Creative. Utter lie.

    The mercury discussion was fascinating. Too bad it was entirely factually incorrect.

    And on and on… Why do people still listen to nonsense??

  3. Wow. This guy might be the biggest retard I have ever seen on the internet. Scientists are afraid to study things because they’re scared they might be wrong? Yeah, that’s how it works.. sheesh.

  4. this is definitley an eye they get away with this crap is frightening!

  5. @PlayingGuitarRules – It was doing that for me at first on two of our computers, but not on the third… now it looks like its working over here. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

  6. @lonelantern no not processing..none of the vids i’ve been watching work..they’re just black boxes..and it still is just a black box.

  7. @PlayingGuitarRules – This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete.

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