Up All Day and Night With Autism Self Injurious Behavior

Autism Reality

Warning: Disturbing footage. Self abusive episode in behaviorally and medically fragile autistic adult living with family in California. Reality of trying to protect autistic person from self harm,

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20 thoughts on “Up All Day and Night With Autism Self Injurious Behavior

  1. Have you tried a gluten and milk free diet? That supposed to help. I heard that self injury caused by yeast overgrouth. However I could be wrong. It is painful to watch. All the best.

  2. youre a amazing mother.. i wish i could say more to encourage you. stay strong! your son is so so lucky to have a mother like you. keep going..!

  3. @Clickgirl Your comment on this video is so disturbing to me, This family goes threw great lengths to keep the family together be cause they love their son unlike other people who will give a family member over to the state because they don’t want to "deal with it". They strive very hard to help address behavior concerns they have. What is wrong with you, you MUST not have a child that is autistic im guessing. And what blows my mind is the kind response you got that you did not deserve.

  4. You are an amazing person and fantastic loving mum. You are a great inspiration to me. I too know what it is like to have to restrain my autisic son from head butting walls, furniture, the floor, etc and he is only 11 years old. Your arms and legs feel like jelly afterwards and you feel you have no strength left. Keep holding onto hope.

  5. I appluad how you treated your son. I have seen it where my clients parents beat him infront us. Child Services were called and everything. often times with some people I worked with The parents blamed us for thier childs SIBs like we trigger it purposefully to just annoy them, he would have months where he would have little to no SIBs then he would have HUGE SIBs for about a week straight but seeing how you dealt with him with love and care and understanding really touched me.

  6. @CDFOAKLEY YOU are a VERY SPECIAL MUM & family. Only YOU have to endure the 24/7 suffering, pain & energy consuming symptom. PLEASE HUG your son from me & tell him WE ALL love him dearly. Autistic kids are a gift to VERY SPECIAL parents not all can handle the endless heartache you & the family are going through. It’s hard work bringing up any child but when they’re autistic or the the like then it is 100 fold as hard.

    My heart, love & respects are heading your way from London.x

  7. I absolutely applaud you for these videos. It can’t be easy to share your pain with the world but I think it’s a very positive thing for people to see the daily reality of severe autism. I have some limited experience working with children and teenagers who have autism and I know that they were all beautiful people feeling a lot of confusion and overwhelming distress. I just want you to know that there are people out there in the world (even from New Zealand like me) who care. xox

  8. i know this is going to sound very bad to….well everyone.
    but i would rather be dead the EVER be like this.
    Im sorry but ive never really seen any one with autism this is my first and i am….i dont know but it almost brings tear to my eyes

  9. I know what it’s like dealing with this type of self injurious behavior. My couisn does the extact same things that Jamie does. I help out my aunt as much as i can cause my couisn’s father doesn’t help at all. So my aunt doesn’t have anyone to help her besides me. I hate that some people come to conclusions without knowing the whole story. I will pray for Jamie and your family everynight like i do my couisn and aunt. You are a very strong women. It takes a lot of courage to deal with this

  10. Hippocratic oath= I swear by Apollo the healer & take witness to all other gods that I will NEVER EVER harm anyone in practice of medicine.. Now- where’s the baby in 4 healthy baby visit? Hush little baby, don’t U cry, Doc’s gona inject U with formaldehyde. If that poison don’t keep U sick, Doc’s gona try another trick.. (Also includes aborted fetal tissue & aluminum in witch’s brew) English word "Pharmacy" comes from Greek "Pharmakeia means witchcraft, poison, sorcery. Things remain same

  11. I have a daughter who is almost 6, and she is going through the same thing. We are trying medication to see if it will help. My heart is with you. The other day, I felt like giving up. Seeing this video shows me that I can’t, and that I am not alone in this uphill battle. They are all special, and we are the ones who can be their guardian angels!! Love, prayers, and hugs to you and your family <3

  12. (Cont)…and it is good you post these videos. From the least affected person (my autism is rather mild, my blindness is not) to the most (a boy with CP, downs syndrome and autism and heairng impairment) we are all different all unique. Thank goodness Jamie has you and and thank G-d you are willing to share you and James’s story with the world. Maybe it will make people more tolerant of anyone who is different which is a lesson much of the world needs!

  13. I cannot see these. I have an aide that explains what happens in them. What is obvious, even to me, is that Jamie feels loved and feels that he matters. In all the world, that is the greatest gift you can give Jamie and that G-d gave you the gift of patience is a blessing. We learn from everyone around us and Jamie can teach those around him many lessons. I have high functioning autism but I live in a residential school for people with many different kind of disabilities…

  14. How many people live with this severely disruptive person? How fair is to you, your family, that everybody has to suffer and "live in torture" (your words) because of one person’s severe disability? You refuse to give up on him, but it feels like your constant attention to him isn’t fair to others in your family. My opinion doesn’t matter, but I don’t understand your priorities in life. Your sacrifice isn”t praiseworthy if the whole family suffers, and they do.

  15. @ZaphedBeebleBrox It seems you are in more misery and living a painful existence than any autistic person has ever known. Perhaps you have not seen the many faces of my son and others with severe autism? Many have horrible days, only to turn around, with help from others who love and care about them, and have better days. It’s about love, caring and sacrifice. Autism is not a death sentence, no matter how severe.

  16. Poor guy, please please google Carly Fleishmann. She is a severely autistic girl who started to type at age 11. It will make you cry. She says it feels like ants are biting her skin so she has behaviors. I think her parents found something that helps, because her recent videos have a lot less of the behaviors. Maybe you could email them and ask…it might help.

  17. This brings the statement dont give up to a new level.

    By the way mom, you look pretty good for being so devoted to your kids.

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