Testimonial Compilation for Multisensory Therapy


to be able to

debates program

inside just want to see that


finding that center

and finding this work


far too difficult

and model

not billable

most others

and ought to be

i felt strongly that a lot to me

with children program


my son with people to uh… talk at school it’s been very exciting because

on the second place here

he’s been in fatigues speaking well

everyone at school and and it just came out

big slow


ionesco personal

teach how to me

always have

i was very impressed them

first because uh… scientifically

it makes sense is that someone i want to the contents of v

besides missus speaking about

since misunderstanding

changes a new constant

and consequently changes in desirable behavior

our words

cautiously optimistic that nationally because i knew

that there was a basis for this worker she was doing

uh… i’d spoken the professors at the university of california

they also

uh… trusted the scientific basis of the world

if you take a rat

and you correctly


century deprived environment versus a sensory simulated environment

and you sacrifice those rats

those brains looked different

and they behave differently

and that there has been around for forty years

uh… and i do that



the only clinical experience

there are good for you

that was building on that work

exceeds outside x

suspects outside

every perhaps

histories it’s just part


leon ever do anything that she does have money to you

for that hurts her when it gets favorite when senator nunn carrying with them

filled with water

thoughtful holds water japan’s

when has been each

kidney transplants and

activity relating to you again

comes to an hour sometimes if i ever expressed will be that he was


when i come to see if she would always mindful so that it was always presented

it’s not even expense

because everything witnesses

is available to you

either in your home already

orgies for kenny’s dad restore hang on your statement from the very beginning

that if it wasn’t wasn’t was it

case psychiatrists

companies city chick pages

with assess cost since

certified trainer perhaps

quite wealthy cheered up quite a bit here

also it’s just cc side success

susah lak

except for a fact rats

progressivity passage

exercise speech before a house everybody’s costs

kissed audience

easter except for dramatically it wasn’t just

assaulted he

accredited pepsi

so it took

after most relaxed



anyways to cup

sort just

he husband selfesteem

cynthia so much better about himself because he can see

it’s the especially at school

he conceded he can keep up with the advocates self confidence levels com


yet perfect stalin they decide until seven school in the district in spelling

disgruntlement test the editing


sticking keys in the east

classes on his report card

he is reading

any actually enjoying an understanding that more than i haven’t thought



suffered from depression

mania and psychosis

so i came to

with my son just

hoping that

the program would help my son

and then out when i was told that

the program

uh… works

to build serotonin dopamine

i fit those at the exact

teams that are in the medications that i’m taking

would you be able to help me

with my situation i’ve also had

improvement with mike von muscles

i’ve always been a very fat person dot could never touch my told us


of a sudden

one game i think

trying to touch my telegraph to exercise and

usually i was three inches above my clothes

of a sudden

had just kept going right down to my family


my muscles just of a sudden

started working

they were supposed to

books lyrics

to create they were director and transferred to play with the latest

and bad

and throw

finally against the law absolutely break

brothers right

they were to take effect station

do you know it’s terrible

and with his limited


he gets his message across he points now in gestures and the indicates an email


he cries when i leave pretty sad to see me colonial laughs when i come home

’cause he’s happy to see me any kisses me and hugs me

and when i get thirty parents my back

he feels sorry for me

he takes a teddy bear that badly

you know it’s it’s affected homes


themselves are sold invigorated

capable belongings delivery

and then it’ll get better in the home stand

took a long and it was really a lot better in you can start to see you

in fact

regular families do

it’s not a chandler

issues that people in the in thing

your children

williams exchan 

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