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Welcome to! Your one stop source for autism information and products to make life easier for those of us dealing with autism. We encourage you to review our products and let the community know about your experiences with them, so we can continue to improve the lives of those affected by this impairment. Please share your videos, testimonials, experiences and information on living with autism as well as products that have been helpful to you. We believe that when we come together as a community and share our stories, that we can help each other in our everyday lives.

Our “Shop” has a lot of new products: BooksGamesVideos and Accessories all products are for the autistic community. staff

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    1. Dear Dna
      101autism was launched a month ago. since then we are trying to deliver fresh content regarding autism
      and products for the autistic community.
      We need your point of view
      If you used products in your day life with autistic member that you are willing to share with others, we will be glad
      if you can send us reviews about those products. If you want to review day life scenario, testimonials, or any kind of
      Data that is relevant For the autistic community please send us the data and we will publish it with full credit
      Happy holidays from us at
      101autism team

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