Part I of II – Life as an autistic

Toilet Training for autistic kids

Talking about various traits in the autistic condition.

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20 thoughts on “Part I of II – Life as an autistic

  1. @marlyonama
    AS is a form a high fuctioning form of autism. So you’re wrong. Actually, soon thereis going to be no such thing as´╗┐ "Asbergers". It will be categorized under mild autism.

  2. Having Aspergers syndrome is not being autistic. That only´╗┐ applys if you have Autism. AS just relates to it in a way.

  3. Yes. Exactly. I can be pretty moody…it’s not bipolar but I have mood swings and it is more than just mood swings´╗┐ but just entire personality/level of energy and a lot of other factors playing into it.

  4. Society and life has become VERY STRESSFUL and unnerving, and frankly, many people with Asperger’s traits are normal. There is a LOT of misdiagnosis (under and over), as well as accurate diagnoses. I feel sorry for those that are misdiagnosed and have given themselves a ‘label for life’. I am NOT discrediting autism or Asperger’s, but merely pointing out´╗┐ to what I believe is an epidemic of misdiagnosis out there! Get MANY opinions people!

  5. m,y brain was´╗┐ affected when i had encephalitis at aged 13.. i have autistic traits some days but not others like yourself…. some days my speach is amazing other days terrible.. thanks for this video.. ­čÖé

  6. I started speaking more at around fifteen myself. I did talk´╗┐ to family a good deal apparently but I really did not like to talk to other people.

    It’s very interesting to see you on here. You remind me a great deal in speech patterns and in movements of myself.

    Childhood experience too. I was thought to be deaf or partially deaf several times in elementary school.

  7. Cool nose ring. Well you’ve become a lot more open than I am talking´╗┐ about your life and putting it on youtube I’d never do that :P!

  8. I mean, send me a message through here but you can email me at john dott gagon att gmail dott com´╗┐

  9. can you email me? I keep trying to comment and´╗┐ youtube still loses it.

  10. with being autistic and having your septum pierced, how did you´╗┐ deal with that sensory overload? doctors still have to restrain my brother (now 17 years old) any time they need to give him a shot.

  11. Yes, my comments are somehow´╗┐ not making it online correctly. I understand what you mean.

  12. the reasons for my sons behaviors may not be the same reason for someone elses behaviors even if they are the same behaviors. same symptoms, different causes. i´╗┐ think your videos are inspiring but also just plain interesting.

  13. my son is Jake´╗┐ Commander and he has some behaviors that i am modifying through behavioral approaches and biomedical interventions because some of the reasons for his behaviors are medical.

  14. are you replying to me? if not delete this post so i dont look like a fool! as far as autistic adults…i dont believe in autism. i believe that everyone is an idividual and´╗┐ i dont like labels. never did. i say my son is autistic to give people a frame of reference. thats all the word ‘autism’ is good for if you ask me.

  15. Yes. Not criticizing though. Do autistic adults really exist? According to many, kids all somehow´╗┐ grow up normal or they disappear behind a wall with the face of a poster ‘adult’ as some large angry and MR person or someone hooked up to a million machines and hardly able to breathe.

  16. another 5 star video! thanks for sharing and showing yourself. unlike christschool LOL, just kidding christschool. hsy dude, you talk about my smoke alarms in the videos and youre having earthquakes in your other one! this really is a great vid and i hope you continue to make these´╗┐ blogs. ive subscribed!

  17. Great video. I definately don’t feel comfortable speaking into a camera and I’ll get a´╗┐ brain freeze but I definately can talk your head off in person.

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