My daughter with autism at 4 1/2 years old

Toilet Training for autistic kids



This is my daughter. I decided after watching alot of videos on you tube, that I would show how autism and developmental delays affect my daughter. Two of my children are on the “autism spectrum”. One is high functioning and the other is Abigail. She is not potty trained and her nuerologist said she may never train. She has low muscle tone, fluctuating hearing loss (wears hearing aids most of the time), wears glasses and afos. She has been diagnosed with global developmental delay by the neurologist and autism by a psychologist, among many other things, but the neurologist thinks she has a genetic condition. All genetic testing so far has not turned up anything obvious. She did not “speak” until she was 3, and she is either very loud or very quiet. Her speech is almost unintelligible, but at least she will interact more now. She has had more than three years of early intervention and therapy. She used to be very quiet and more withdrawn. I will be posting more videos. I just wanted to start with a “nice” clip, one where she is not screaming or kicking and stuff. I am posting this because, I have spent hours upon hours watching other children with autism and other delays on the web and realize they are not all the same. I wondered where my daughter fit compared to other “special” kids. There are those who can talk and seem very normal, then there are those who just make grunting sounds and dont realize you are there. My daugher fits somewhere in between. I hope my videos <b>…<b> 

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22 thoughts on “My daughter with autism at 4 1/2 years old

  1. @meggauth2 In fact I have a 8 year old who is ausitic, my sister has a 4 year old who is also autistic. i was just saying, put some clothes on her. What is wronmg with that? How is that being stupid?

  2. @SlumberCloud If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at have no idea what the situation is so please think before you post such a stupid comment!!

  3. she is four, please put pants on her. You would not film a 4 year old with just underwear why do this?

  4. Abagail is amazing and reminds me of my daughter so much. My husband and I watched this video with our jaws dropped at the similarities. She is an angel and you are clearly an amazing family. Best wishes to you and your family. XOXO

  5. @hollysaf Same here, I’m behind physically (Strength wise) and Socially, but in Mental and Speech terms , Accidemically ahead.

  6. Abigail’s so sweet. And full of energy! She makes me tired just watching her! But I bet she’s such a blessing to you & your family. She seems such a happy little girl. Best wishes to you all.

  7. @Fwalsh100 your son sounds like he has Post traumatic stress diisorder… He regressed and forgot to protect himself… its human nature, quite amazing really…

  8. Abigail is lovely, she looks great fun, I can imagine her being really good company.

  9. @xTwilightWolvesx I have Aspergers too :PP im 13 and im obsessed with Regular show

  10. @lizardbreath1981 I have very mild autism, and I wasn’t developed late. (I have asperges syndrome)

  11. lizardbreath1981: Please check out my friend’s website, then contact her. She may be able to help. I have seen the miracle she has worked with her own son, who was diagnosed at birth and told he’d be a vegetable all his life. Except for very few areas, you cannot tell he ever had brain dysfunction and neurological problems. Best wishes! Her website is Parents With Purpose. You can google it and it’ll be the first listing.

  12. She is adorable. My son also behaves quite a bit like her in this video. He’s almost seven but he doesn’t articulate quite as well as she does. He also have very low muscle tone though, so far, his hearing and vision is normal. He is also not trained.He appeared to be normal until his father died suddenly at 3 1/2, he did have some early vague signs of autism but just about any child can have those.

  13. She’s awfully cute in every way 🙂 I have 4 year old twin girls who have delays (but not autism), a 9 year old Asperger son and a 7 year old severly autistic boy (not even talking).

  14. @lizardbreath1981 My daughter was tested using the WIPSY and deemed extremely low functioning and untestable in every area. At that time she was five years old, in nappies, and had very limited speech. (a handful of single words). She was then tested at eight, and I was told she was severely intellectually disabled, mildly autistic and would probably never speak in sentences. Again she scored at the bottom in ever area.

  15. @lizardbreath1981 I guess too, that was one of the hardest things for me.. to let go of my expectations and just be amazed by what she is doing (instead of sad about what she isn’t). Although obviously it will always be there..

  16. @lizardbreath1981 It is, but I think you can be cautiously optimistic about your daughter. She’s got a lot going for her.

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