Help Potty Training an Autistic Kid

Toilet Training for autistic kids

Socal Stories seem to be the best bet. And you have to be persistent and not back down. You have to make sure they do not feel any pain while trying to potty train them and you may have to do it very slowly. start by just having them sit on the potty with all their clothes on. And in other times have them practice taking off their pants and putting them on. Practice each little skill needed in a none thearting way. Then add the social story and add all the skills together. They are going to fight and scream and make it seem like you are killing them but just talk to the softly and gentally and walk them through each step with love and persistents.

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5 thoughts on “Help Potty Training an Autistic Kid

  1. update.
    she doesn’t tell us at all when she has to go potty now.
    in fact she lies when she is actually going poo in her pants. we ask "are you going poo?" and she says "nope, not going poo" but her face says otherwise!
    I don’t understand why it’s not clicking, anybody have any tips? we’ve tried potty prizes and potty dances… but no luck!

  2. sarted a couple of weeks ago i pray everyday that the school will not call and tell me he had an accident, and that he can actually get through the day with know problems

  3. oh i so know how hard it is to potty train, i wished thati would have seen this method years ago, i havnt yet found out if my son is autistic but i really think so, he has signs, he was barley able to be potty trained enough to go to kinder, he had lots of accidents at school last year, and he is now in 1st grade not to mention that i believe he should still be in kinder, or a different type of calss, because it is very hard for him, anyways, he hasn had accidents but once so far,but he just

  4. impossible!!! j/k

    my girlfriends daughter is mildly autistic. She can communicate, and she knows when she has to go to the potty. We tell her "if you have to go poo or pee you let us know" and she says "i know… alright". But she only ever tells us very rarely.
    it’s really hard, but I’ll keep at it!!

  5. thank you for let us known. That a wonderful method to potty train for autistic kid.

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