functinal learning التعلم الوظيفي

Toilet Training for autistic kids

يسستضيف مركز بيتي موننتسوري للتدريب الخبيرة لبيرطانية في التطور الانمائي ميسس "كارول مانيون و التي ستقوم بالتدريب على ورشة عمل التعلم الوظيفي حيث ستتولى التدريب على الجانب النظري و العملي و من ثم يعلن مركز بيتي للتدريب اعن فتح باب الحجز لورشة العمل و التي من المقرر عملها يوم الاربعاء الثاني و العشرين من فبراير و يوم الجمعة الرابع و العشرين من فبراير من الساعة الرابعة عصراً الى السابعة ساءً " baity montessori training center announces that Mrs Carol Manion the British devolepmentalist is going to carry out to workshop on functional learning on the 22 and 24 of February from 4pm to 7pm PRESENTED by Carol Mannion has been working with children for over 45 years, both normally developing and those developmentally delayed and is a member of the Developmental Practitioners Association. She has trained in infant psychotherapy, many recognised autism spectrum therapies, is a Montessori trained teacher and ran her own Nursery, She also trained in Early Childhood Thera Carol Mannion py with the Steiner Schools, and Music and movement. She has co authored a set of music and movement cards for use with delayed children and advised and helped to edit books on Autism and delay by Sibylle Janert. She has completed courses in Infant Observation, Arts and Crafts, Puppetry, Storytelling, Family Therapy and instruction in using the Waldon Method for development PRESENTED BY Carol has also run Workshops for the Play Project in Tower Hamlets, London, for parents of Autistic children on many <b>…<b>

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