Cyclical self injurious behavior and autism

Autism Reality

Shows day to day, moment to moment fluctuations inside the complex world of autism and self injury. Trip to barber shop. Haircut (vibration) makes him happy.

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24 thoughts on “Cyclical self injurious behavior and autism

  1. One fine day, Jesus will cast out these demons that posess this man as I pray He dose for me!!!!!

  2. I know what this is all about, I’ve experienced self injury first hand!!!!
    It ain’t pretty!!!!!

  3. @kgaccount With RIGHT amount of EFFECTIVE in-home supports, respite and staffing a family should be able to AVOID ever coming to the point where a doctor had to prescribe a skin shock to protect their child. I don’t regret having used SIBIS, because it prevented him taking 1000,s of punches to head, however I am still pissed off we were left with so LITTLE help for so many years, that his behavior turned into an obsessive compulsive habit. I hope nobody has to go through what we did to get help

  4. SIBIS was medically prescribed years ago. It was very effective, but is NEVER to be used as monotherapy. SIBIS is an EMERGENCY intervention, used in rare cases, to protect from extreme bodily injury. Though effective, I didn’t trust others to use it on my son. Unless I could be there 100% time, I wouldn’t be comfortable with how it was implemented. In short, someone could just keeping delivering skin applications and NOT be doing OTHER things like re-direction, exercise therapy, etc…

  5. Thanks for sharing your videos of your beautiful!! They are giving a inside look @ Severe Autism. Just found out one of my twins has it. Waiting to find out about his brother. So far we think it will be the same news. God Bless :

  6. Thanks for sharing your videos of your beautiful!! They are giving a inside look @ Severe Autism. Just found out one of my twins has it. Waiting to find out about his brother. So far we think it will be the same news. God Bless 🙂

  7. @jsrcamp Yes, he’s gotten so self abusive, we’ve had to leave mid hair cut and come back next day, when he was calmer. There are so many antecedents to his behavior, and they fluctuate daily. Worse, some days he responds great to ONE intervention, than the SAME intervention does NOT work the next time…aaaah! It’s maddening.

  8. I think he likes the sensation of the razor on his head and maybe even the sound of it(it might remind him of his Vibration Tube that I have seen in many of your other Videos.
    and this actually answerd my Question about how he does at the hair dresser, But has he ever had an epsiod of SIB during one of the Visits to the Hair Dresser?

  9. I am the mother of a 3 year old boy with multiple disabilities. He is 3 years old and has displayed severe SIB since he was born for the most part. In seems to come in and out in phases. I would really love to ask you some questions about when your beautiful son was younger. It would really help me in this journey. Please contact me.

  10. Very informative. I’m always interested in Autism, and your Channel gives me a great insight into the condition. God bless.

  11. its good that his brothers help you are great. I have a 20yr. autistic boy and he is hard to control sometimes. you are a great mother and brothers

  12. @kgaccount I reckon you are right! I reckon God’s bigger than some give Him credit and that He knows what we are going through. Don’t get put off by turkeys like this.

  13. Sorry, I’m not an angel. Sometimes I swear, and yes, I use the Lords name in vain ….I think God can handle it…He knows my heart.

  14. lol, you claim to be christian, but you use your "lords" name in vain.

    i have sympathy for your situation. my condolences .

  15. there has been research about putting some sort of vibrating device inside a stuffed animal and placing it on the individual’s head, in conjunction with teaching them how to appropriately request the stuffed animal (w/o engaging in SIB) using the stuffed animal as a way to get the same reinforcement but in a more functional way. You should look into it.

  16. Yes, they are aware and the barber is absolutely amazing with our son. Obviously, I stand close by in case of an sudden outburst of SIB and we definately don’t use scissors!!!

  17. One question. Does the barber shop you go to know that he’s severely autistic and that he has SIB? What happens if he starts inguring himself?

    Hope you don’t mind the questions. 🙂

    God Bless.

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