Cal Fire family dealing with severe autism, seizures and self injury

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Firefighter father of autistic boy showing ineffective behavioral interventions recommended by "behavioral specialists." This autistic young adult has been evaluated more times than the Middle East and had over 23 behavioral specialists work with him to no avail. Mostly, its because hes what is known by only a few who deal with this type of autism as "Behaviorally fragile." That means he requires hourly, daily constant protective supervision and pro-active acute interventions to prevent behavioral deterioration. That takes SUPPORTS. As in humans coming to help not just calling for meetings and writing reports.

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23 thoughts on “Cal Fire family dealing with severe autism, seizures and self injury

  1. i have autisum too when i get exsited i hit my head really hard against the wall

  2. doesnt autistic persosns hit you when toutching without their (knoledge)cant spell.4

  3. @sarahrose0413
    It is typically used for self injurious behaviors in severely autistic children. Basically everytime the individual harms himself or herself and] electric shock is administered. This treatment is highly effective in stopping the behavior but also is highly controversial.

  4. He is SUCH a doll!!! Good parents make all the difference..:)) What is skin shock therapy???and what is it used for?? like…what type of behaviors??

  5. Your son is lucky to have such a loving family. Hang in there, all of us families with Autistic children are with you.

  6. SIB is like a problem with a car, for example telling a SIB person to stop hitting themself is like having trouble starting your car.

  7. I’m a behavioral psychologist, kudos to this family. Most families with less behavior challenges turn their kids over to worse places, never speak to them again. Love and support is such a critical element to success. Behaviorists look for things we can control, instead of medical issues that we can’t. @ittyBittyKitty Seriously? this family let you into their pain. Maybe you won’t have to deal with a beautiful son who will deal with this, but i’m a firm believer in what goes around …

  8. i took respodole not to long ago it made me extreamly hyper ive got sighns of adhd but this was making me non stop moving and i couldent even concentrate on nothing then i took tegratol and that made me to flip out and out of it now im on serequel and effexer and they work together the docter said and mirtazapine the last two make me tired so i take at night or i will stay up all night.and all day .keep hanging in there jamie you will get better ok.and hes lucky to have a great mom and dad.

  9. Thank you for sharing your strength, love and peserverance. Your boy is lovely. My son with autism does like it when I touch certain things, many things or if I say certain words or phrases. He is becoming increasingly irritable to the point where I can rarely take him out. I am currently keeping it to a level where it wont escalate into physical aggression towards me or things near us. I have actually started to consider a group home but it is breaking my heart. Not much help in New York.

  10. just a thought i was having after watching a couple of your videos but is there not a padded glove that still leaves his fingers to have accessibility that he could wear to prevent major self infliction? or maybe a padded head gear?…. i know nothing about autism btw. im just curious. my heart goes out to your family i will pray for u to have many more ‘happy days’ in the future bless u all

  11. @ittybittykitty i also have a 6 yr old son with severe autism,u are a cruel person,u should watch what u wish upon others it may strike ur own family or come right to slap u in the face! i appreciate this family and admire thier strengths.God forgive you ittybittykitty u have no heart.

  12. @IttyBittyKitty I have an autistic brother, and if you do that, he would hurt himself twice, or three times as hard. One time I saw my father get fed up and just smack him one out of frustration (he was going nuts for about 3 months). This caused him to slam his head into the wall so hard he cracked his skull and left a 2 inch scar on his head. Your method would only lead to them killing themselves. I saw a girl that gouged out her eye on a nail trying to slam her head into the wall.

  13. @IttyBittyKitty U seem to have an itttybitty mind and a deeply disturbed heart. How sad that U would say such a cruel thing about a defenseless person. May God capture and block every evil word U say.

  14. You guys are such an inspiration! I can’t imagine the time and dedication it takes to do what you do. Many people would have given up. Your love for your son is incredible!!

  15. That is so sad to see. I have a 7 year old with exactly the same symptoms, and along with that he also has epelipsey, and hydrocephalus. Seeing your son makes me very nervous to see what is in store for me. God bless you. I hope I have as much strength as you have.

  16. You are right… He is a doll.

    Thank you for sharing all that you have about your son.

  17. We see the same with my 18 year old nephew (SIB). We suspect that it is a form of communitcation, that the seizures make his head hurt, eyes dilate. Seen it when there was a sinus infection he hit himself in the face. Another great video Mom and Dad. You amaze us every view.

  18. My heart goes out to you and your family, but GOOD applied behavior analysis DOES work… the advice you got was obviously NOT good advice and as a behavior analyst I would NEVER have given you that advice. Don’t loose hope… we do exist and we are out there to help families just like yours.  I have a family member with autism and I know the struggles and that it is not easy. Your son is lucky to have such loving parents as some children are not as fortunate.

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