Bigger birth weight babies at greater risk of autism

Good for people with autism

The biggest study of fetal growth and autism to date has reported that babies whose growth is at either extreme …read more 

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I know autism is called a spectrum. But most days it feels more like a see-saw and we're constantly trying more
Warning: Severe behaviors shown. 2009 footage of California family raising complex, yet HOPEFUL case of severe autism and self-injurious behaviors. Extremely challenging situation requiring specialized care and expertise. Few experts ...
critically acclaimed documentary film about autism by an autistic film director. autism reality is a moving interview-based piece that shows a new and refreshing side of the issue. thank you ...
Barbara L. Trommer MD Pediatric Neurology . Associate Director, Maimonides Developmental Center . Medical School: Columbia University . Fellowship: Childrens Memorial Hospital Northwestern University Medical School Pediatric Neurology
Here is Colby reading a silly book called "everyone poops". I got this book recently to help him with getting through some toilet phobias and anxiety. I am sure a ...
This is commentary from parents Greg and Joyce Wyatt for the project reality show called Living With Autism. Living With Autism focuses on the day to day lives of Greg, ...
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The Autism Advocate Who's Breaking Down BarriersWhen Immie Swain was diagnosed with autism at age four, her parents were told that she might never be able to communicate or lead ...
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