Big sister teaches little brother to use potty

Toilet Training for autistic kids

A big sister created this video modeling video to help teach her little brother to use the potty, he is autistic.

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23 thoughts on “Big sister teaches little brother to use potty

  1. Thomas is now almost 13, it took me 6 hard years, but he finally trained at 10yrs old..thanks for asking!

  2. Oh!!!! So im NOT supposed to go in my dipers . . . allright then, i think i can manage.

  3. At first I was confused by her shaking her fist, but then I realised.
    This is so sweet 🙂

  4. Thomas loves art too, but he also has trouble as he loves the texture of crayons and it also prevents him from drawing appropriately. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Way to cute. 5 stars! She has a future in television…or helping autistic kids. So young yet old beyond her years!

  6. It must be very difficult to be autistic, even slightly. Thank you for your comment, good luck to you!!

  7. Well done that girl. An excellent piece of thinking to make this clip. Sympathy to the autistic boy though: it must be very tough for him. I am slightly autistic myself but not to any serious degree.

  8. Found your video while searching for exactly something like this for my autistic kiddo. I thought maybe Thomas was autistic when I saw her signing in the video. What a fabulous daughter you have!

  9. i feel sorry for you for making that comment about a 9 year old. Good thing i believe in karma

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