Toilet Training for autistic kids

Update from Feb. 2008. I talk about DMSA, food addictions and potty-training.

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11 thoughts on “AUTISM UPDATE FEB. 2008

  1. He reminds me so much of my daughter and the high pitched squeals went away after treating for parasites. The parasite treatment is an ongoing thing though.

    Update more often too! Okay hope you don’t mind my advice! I have just seen such a change in my child over the past 6 months by doing other things than the DAN protocol and want to share!

  2. Hi, just wondered if you’re doing the Andy Cutler protocol for chelation? If not join the Autism/Mercury Yahoo group and try it. I’m seeing a lot of progress with my daughter using his method and also using ALA to chelate metals from her brain.

    Try a parasite cleanse on your son too! Sounds weird, but we just had my daughter’s blood checked and it’s full of parasites, not her gut, but her blood and organs. One more thing, Milk thistle for his liver. His liver needs a lot of support.

  3. I forgot about this video, had to come and watch again. Is B still on the DMSA??

  4. by the way….thank you so much for sharing your experiences!! i haven’t watched all of your vids yet, but i really do appreciate you! your son is lovely!

  5. i just saw jenny mcarthy on good morning america, and she always gets me excited about "the diet". so thats what made me start watching videos. my son was diagnosed with an ASD and when i tried the diet, i didn’t see a difference. are you seeing a difference? jenny mcarthy’s son had such a dramatic change, what do you think is happening with the diet?

  6. hi, I just saw this vid. don’t be such a stranger now. lol i need to make more vids…maybe just showing me…no entertaining. oh and the sauce….my family makes their own. i don’t think they put cream in it.

  7. Hey Sweety, nice seeing you again, you look great. Kids always seem to do better for others, don’t they? Never heard of cream in spaghetti sauce, you could alway’s make your own in batches, canned tomatoes, garlic, throw some veggies in cook and puree and freeze.
    Interested in the Probiotics and B6 magnesium push, send me some info when you can.
    Thanks for the update on Braden, he sounds like he’s doing well!!

  8. Great to see you again. Glad to hear he’s doing well in school. I wouldn’t worry too much about eating 3 things. My grandson only ate bagel bites and spaghettios for a year, now he eats things like bananas, broccoli and ceasar salad. Be patient…keep introducing new stuff, eventually he’ll try one or two.

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