#26 Autism – Pivotal Response Training (easy reads for parents)

Toilet Training for autistic kids

Pivotal Response Treatment is a highly useful intervention with ideas that can be incorporated to improve any home program or intervention across transdisciplinary teams doing an eclectic intervention along with improve classroom performance in various behaviors. There are numerous easy reads in small pamplet books available at UCSB and UCSD at are written for parents who need only a third grade reading comprehension to take the information and use it as they see fit. 1) Toilet Training for Children with Severe Handicaps. Dunlap, Koegel, & Koegel 2) A Model for Parent-Professional Collaboration. Lynn Koegel, Drazin, & Carter 3) How to Teach Self-Management to People with Severe Disabilities. Koegel, Koegel, & Parks 4) Increasing Success in School Through Priming: A Training Manual. Wilde, Koegel, & Koegel 5) Understanding why problem behaviors occur. Frea, Koegel, & Koegel 6) How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors to Children with Autism: A Training Manual. Koegel, Schreibman, Good, Cerniglia, Murphy, & Koegel 7) Facilitating Play Dates for Children with Autism and Typically Developing Peers in Natural Settings: A Training Manual. Laurie A. Vismara, Grace W. Gengoux, Mendy Boettcher, Robert L. Koegel, & Lynn Kern Koegel. 8) Procedures for Working with Paraprofessionals to Improve Socialization for Children with Autism: A Collaborative Effort Between the University of California, Santa Barbara and Tri-Counties Regional Center. 9) Teaching First Words to Children with Autism and <b>…<b>

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